One Night with a Stranger by Linda Steinberg

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After a bad breakup, Lisa Randall indulges in a one-nighter of anonymous passion. But when her first-name-only hottie calls for another date, she’s stunned, then intrigued, then back for an encore. Will her infatuation with Matt keep her from meeting Mr. Right?

He’s the King of Jumping into Things Too Fast. This time he intends to savor the moment.

When Matt Owens meets an attractive woman in a bar, he has no expectations of seeing her again, let alone planning a future. But as things heat up, and he finds himself wanting more, he realizes his one big secret could ruin his chances.

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Review of One Night with a Stranger by Linda Steinberg

One Night with a Stranger by Linda Steinberg is the first book of the contemporary romance Unforgettable Nights series. The next book of the series will have a different couple so each could be read as a standalone if choosing to do so and as of time of writing this book one is still free in Amazon.

Lisa Randall has just gotten out of a relationship and is not ready for a new one when she decides to let go and have a one night stand. Matt Owens has his own problems and isn’t ready to rush into anything series either so how could he say no to Lisa? The only problem… both are not happy with just one night and continue to see one another.

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I actually expected this one to be a bit more erotic than it ended up being which is totally fine too. Both characters had their reasons for not wanting to rush into things but they both obviously were not the type to be quite as casual as they tried to be. There also wasn’t too much angst in this one, sure a few problems but realistic relationship things to be dealt with along the way. Not too bad a read overall.

Review of One Night with a Stranger by Linda Steinberg

This is the first book in the Unforgettable Nights series and I loved it so much that I could not put the book down. It was my first time reading a book by Linda Steinberg and I must say her writing is flawless and she makes the reader connect with her characters which many authors don’t manage to accomplish. I enjoyed the chemistry between Matt and Lisa as well as how mature the characters were and the realistic drama. Matt’s character was someone whom I loved because he balanced his dreams and responsibilities and never gave up on his ambitions. There is only one thing in the book that I disliked and that was the ending because I felt like it was rushed and ended abruptly. I wished the book was longer so I could continue reading and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

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