Not The Best Summer By Mon Ron Pdf

Not The Best Summer By Mon Ron Pdf

Download Not The Best Summer By Mon Ron Pdf book free online – from Not The Best Summer By Mon Ron Pdf book; When you think about summer you want it to be the best one. You start making plans as soon as spring comes. You want to chill, shake your stress off, and just do absolutely nothing. You want to spend as much time as possible with your friends. Friends, exactly. Sometimes I think that friendship is overrated. When you ask your best friend, if you’re lucky to have one, what she or he would do for you without hesitation, their answer would be something like – “Well, depends what it would be.” It’s not what we want to hear. I don’t expect my best friend to die for me, but to offer her kidney if I need a transplant, would be fair enough. We think that we are close with someone, because we spend time together, we chat on the phone for hours about silly things, or go clubbing. Friendship is not only about having fun. Friendship is about being for that particular person when she or he needs us the most. It’s about listening her or his problems too, not only talking all the time about yours. Do you think there is a person in your life whom you can call a “best friend?” Think again.

Youth. Why can’t this be easy? We still got time to struggle in life. And why is it so short? When you are young you want to do crazy stuff. If not then, so when? Unfortunately, many times life is unpredictable and decides for us. In many cases we need to rearrange it and adopt to a new way of living. Sometimes it’s not even enough, because your fate was already planned for you. Even if you try very hard, it may sound a bit clich√©, but what is meant to be will always finds its way.

That summer wasn’t the best one. That summer I grew up. I became a woman. I met the love of my life and I lost my best friend. That summer I cried hard million times. That summer someone left and someone new arrived.

That was an unforgettable summer.