Nina by Gracen Miller Pdf

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Nina ‘s their best asset, but even she doesn’t know the truth.

Few humans are aware the arcane walks among them, putting their lives in constant danger. DAMN, the black ops, off the books military branch will stop at nothing to eliminate the threat.

Nina Volkova is their best asset. She’s indispensable and skilled at killing the arcane. But when she’s tasked with raiding Area 51, she’s shocked to discover what the facility is hiding. She might not escape the mission without a few bumps and bruises either. One thing is for certain… she’ll do anything for the safety of her country and to deliver a lethal blow to the supernatural community.

NOTE: Nina is originally part of the “We Know the Truth, Do You? Area 51 anthology” benefitting the Veterans. The anthology was unpublished and I’ve added more chapters and a different ending to give the book a more cohesive storyline. DAMN series in order of reading:

D.AMN (coming 2023)