Never Over You by Aubrey Rose Pdf

Download Never Over You by Aubrey Rose Pdf.Brooke and Alex had the perfect relationship: a whirlwind college romance that was supposed to end in forever.

But that was then, and this was now.

Two people once so in love are now two strangers whose worlds are about to collide.

Eight years after their bitter breakup, Brooke landed a job as the PR manager for Grey Industries. She also happens to be dating the company’s attractive, young CEO, Liam. A match made in heaven, some might say.

Alex has made a name for himself by opening his own accounting firm, scoring contracts with major clients–like Grey Industries. He’s engaged to the beautiful, lively Leah and on track to his happy ending.

Their picture-perfect lives couldn’t be going any better when Brooke decides to take Liam up on his offer to meet his family. The same family Alex happens to be marrying into.

After seeing his ex-girlfriend walk into the Grey vacation home, Alex is blindsided. His shock is only compounded by the sparks of electricity he feels every time Brooke is close to him.

All of the feelings they’ve tried to ignore over the last eight years come back to the surface, complicating their new relationships–and their careers.

But are they willing to sacrifice everything to give their relationship one more chance? Or would the pain of reopening old wounds push them further apart than ever?

Never Over You is a standalone novella. It’s a quick and sensual forced proximity, second chance at love romance story, filled with steam and sweetness, that will send shivers down your spine.