My Lord by Tracie Podger Pdf

My Lord by Tracie Podger Pdf

Download My Lord by Tracie Podger Pdf book free online. I was given a chance that was impossible to pass up, but it had a catch. Technically, the woman I wanted would also be my boss. Gabriella and I were instantly attracted to one other, and the tension that would arise from a relationship between two alpha-type individuals was certain to arise.

I struggle to convey my feelings for her because of my British stiff upper lip, or stick up my ass as Gabriella termed it. That is, until an old adversary reappears seeking retribution, trapping Gabriella in his web.

About the Author

George, Tracie Podger’s rather annoying cat, and her husband reside with her in Kent, England. She has a love for writing and works as a scuba diving instructor. Tracie has had the good fortune to dive in numerous stunning oceans throughout the globe, allowing her to pursue her passion for underwater photography. She enjoyed swimming with sharks up close.

Tracie uses a number of aliases when writing. Tracie Podger only writes romance and romance-related subgenres, as well as women’s fiction. You may find her thrillers under T J Stone and her paranormal tales under T J Podger.

Download My Lord by Tracie Podger Pdf