Music Fundamentals 2: Rhythm and Meter

Music Fundamentals 2 – This collection is the second of five dealing with the rudiments of music

Table of Contents

  • 1. Duration: Note Lengths in Written Music
  • 2. Duration: Rest Length
  • 3. Dots, Ties, and Borrowed Divisions
  • 4. Rhythm
  • 5. Time Signature
  • 6. Introduction to Subdivisions in Simple Meters
  • 7. Simple and Compound Time Signatures
  • 8. Meter in Music
  • 9. Introduction to Subdivisions in Compound Meters
  • 10. Pickup Notes and Measures
  • 11. Tempo

About the Contributors


Terry B. Ewell, professor, Department of Music, Towson University Former President, International Double Reed Society

B. M. University of Washington; Bassoon Performance, magna cum lauda

M. A. University of Washington, Music Theory

Ph.D. University of Washington, Music Theory

Terry Ewell is Professor of online instruction and bassoon at Towson University Department of Music. In his 30+ years as a professional musician he has received recognition as a performer, teacher, scholar, and administrator.

Catherine Schmidt-Jones graduated from Rice University in 1985, completing a BA in chemistry, a BA in music and a Master of Music in French horn performance.


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