Mr. Wicker’s Window By Carley Dawson Pdf

Mr. Wicker's Window By  Carley Dawson Pdf

Download Mr. Wicker’s Window By Carley Dawson Pdf book free online – from Mr. Wicker’s Window By Carley Dawson Pdf book; A young boy’s family moves to a Boston, where he is surprised to find a window that looks out over his new home…in a different time!

William Wicker’s face in itself was not forbidding. What made an icy mouse seem to run the length of Chris’s spine was the impression of enormous age in the appearance of the man confronting him. The thin lips crackled the withered and multi-wrinkled cheeks in the ghost of what had once been a smile. The nose, once hawk-like and proud and denoting strength of character and purpose, was now pinched by the ever-tightening fingers of a progression of years. The double fans of minute wrinkles breaking from eye corner to temple and joining with those over the cheekbones were drawn into the horizontal lines across the domed forehead. Little tufts of white fuzz above the ears were all that remained of the antiquarian’s hair, but what drew and held Chris’s gaze were the old man’s eyes.

Mr. Wicker’s eyes were not those of an old man at all. They had the vigor of a man in the prime of life, and their presence in that puckered face of age which confronted Chris was horribly disconcerting.