Modern Robotics with OpenCV

Modern Robotics with OpenCV

Download Modern Robotics with OpenCV PDF book free online – From Modern Robotics with OpenCV: Robotics is an interesting topic today. This book is written to provide an introduction to intelligent robotics using OpenCV.

This very useful book intended for a first course in robot vision and covers modeling and implementation of intelligent robot. The need for this textbook arose from teaching robotics to student and hobbyist for many years and facing the difficulty to provide excellent book to explain advanced technology in intelligent robotics and kinematics of the robot.

This book differs from other robot vision textbooks:
1. Its content is consisting of many implementations of mobile robot and manipulator using OpenCV.
2. Using newest technology in Microcontroller such as Propeller Microcontroller for robotics.
3. Its content is consisting of introduction and implementation of OpenCV described clearly.

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Author(s)Dr. Widodo Budiharto is a senior lecturer and researcher at School of Computer Science Binus University, Jakarta-Indonesia. He was PhD graduated from Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya. His research areas are Robot Vision, Artificial Intelligence, mobile programming and Embedded Systems. He has many experience for guest professor, and consultant in embedded systems and robotics in Indonesia.

Download Modern Robotics with OpenCV

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