Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines PDF

Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines PDF

Download Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines PDF book free – MODERN DIESEL TECHNOLOGY: DIESEL ENGINES, provides a thorough, reader-friendly introduction to diesel engine theory, construction, operation, and service. Buy from Amazon

Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines PDF

Combining a simple, straightforward writing style, ample illustrations, and step-by-step instruction, this trusted guide helps aspiring technicians develop the knowledge and skills they need to service modern, computer-controlled diesel engines. The book provides an overview of essential topics such as shop safety, tools and equipment, engine construction and operation, major engine systems, and general service and repair concepts. Dedicated chapters then explore engine, fuel, and vehicle computer control subsystems, as well as diesel emissions. Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines PDF

Thoroughly revised to reflect the latest technology, trends, and techniques–including current ASE Education Foundation standards–the Second Edition provides an accurate, up-to-date introduction to modern diesel engines and a solid foundation for professional success.

About the Author

Sean Bennett is a former program coordinator for the Truck and Diesel Department at Centennial College, as well as a former corporate trainer for Mack Trucks. During a 20-year tenure at the college he authored new curricula, helped overhaul existing course offerings, and chaired a wide range of curriculum development committees for the Province of Ontario. Mr. Bennett has written more than 30 books dealing with diesel, truck, heavy equipment, and automotive technology and currently devotes his career to technical writing and speaking engagements. He is an active member of the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council, the Association of Diesel Specialists, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and the North American Council of Automotive Teachers. He is widely regarded as the foremost author in commercial vehicle technology.

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