Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering PDF

Download Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering PDF book free – This chemical engineering handbook is for all levels of chemical engineers. Included are all types of Design Data, Optimization Tips, Go-by Documents, Sample Calculations, Drawings, Diagrams, Data Sheets & Excel Calculation Templates.

Mihir's Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering PDF
  • The ebook (PDF) comes in a protected USB Pendrive, easy to use and carry
  • Package is a set of 44 eBooks contain total 4000 pages
  • Copying & Printing of PDF Files & content is restricted
  • All Excel files like calculation templates, datasheet, TBE etc has no restriction
  • Hardcopy is not available
  • The PDF works well with Adobe Reader only
  • This book is not compatible with MAC OS / Android / Mobiles / Tablets
  • The Pendrive can be used on all windows computer

Volume 1(Ch 1 to 25) provides complete design information on different equipment encountered by process engineer like separators, pumps, compressors, fired heaters, fans, exchangers, utility systems design. Considerable in-depth information has been provided on design, types, applications, specifications, etc.

Volume 2 (Ch 26 to 39) provides the various types of projects, the different engineering disciplines involved, engineering documentation produced by a process engineer, elaboration on contents of each document, specialized studies, safety studies, elaboration on instrumentation & automation, materials of construction, technical bid analysis, details on pre-commissioning / commissioning, go-by optimized examples of many shell & tube & air-cooled heat exchangers, go-by process philosophies, etc.

Volume 3 (Ch 40 to 44) provides excel based ready to use blank checklists, blank ready to use formats for many process documents, blank ready to use data sheets for equipment/instruments as well as easy to use calculation templates for many process engineering calculations. Reference P&IDs are provided.

Included in this Handbook are chemical engineering basics on

  • Simulation, Stoichiometry & Thermodynamics
  • Project Financial Analysis
  • Chemical Engineering Unit Operations
  • Chemical Engineering Equipment
  • Safety Studies
  • Specialised studies
  • Materials of Construction
  • Automation & Control
  • Process Design Documentation
  • Fluid property Calculation
  • Dimensionless Numbers

Attached is the sample PDF from the book.