Midlife’s a Bear by Renee Hewett Pdf 

Download Midlife’s a Bear by Renee Hewett Pdf book free. When midlife brings a bear surprise, it leads Jeanie to a witch and a mystery much bigger than herself. Forty-year-old Jeanie Hudelson has a great life married to a wolf shifter and is part of the Wolfe pack, even though she’s merely human.

Or so she thought! One morning, she wakes to discover that she’s transformed into a bear! It seems life still has a few surprises in store for her. Now she’ll have to learn how to unite with her bear and take a journey to explore where she came from and why her bear just showed up now. This story is in Milly Taiden’s new Sassy line: Barbara’s Sassy Midlife Tales! This story isn’t a genre romance. The heroine in this book is happily married to a supportive, loving husband who sticks by her side the whole time she’s figuring out life as a bear! I hope you enjoy it!