Midlife Daddy Bear by Aline Ash PDF

Midlife Daddy Bear by Aline Ash PDF

Download Midlife Daddy Bear by Aline Ash PDF book free. Can a dancer in her 40s, burdened with a troubled past, and a shifter Alpha with three kids start afresh, or will their past secrets and present hurdles be too much to handle? Lily. With nothing left to hold her in Seattle, forty-something Lily Archer does the one thing she’s been too afraid of: Start over. A chance to teach irresistibly handsome but mysterious Samuel’s nephews the art of dance brings her to picturesque Greenacre – and Lily is sure she’d found her paradise.

Until she finds that nothing is as it seems. Not only is Greenacre the home to a shifter clan, but Samuel is their Alpha. Dangerous, though, and protective of his clan and the kids in his care, he’s everything Lily should stay away from. Even so, she can’t get him out of her head and for the first time in her life, she’s willing to take a chance on love. There’s only one problem. The shifters of Greenacre aren’t the only ones keeping secrets. Samuel. Between the clan’s decision to allow human mates, caring for his three nephews, and keeping his clan safe, Samuel has his hands full. The last thing he needed was to lose his heart to a gorgeous, angelic human. Yet Samuel can’t resist Lily. Could it be that opening the clan to the world has brought him the one thing he always longed for? His fated mate. However, when Lily’s past collides with their present, Samuel is faced with yet another heart-wrenching decision: To keep his clan safe, will he have to let go.

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