Midlife Billionaire’s Secret Baby by Claire Angel Pdf

Midlife Billionaire’s Secret Baby by Claire Angel Pdf

Download Midlife Billionaire’s Secret Baby by Claire Angel Pdf book free. A devilishly handsome and super sexy billionaire and his best friend’s little sister. No woman entered his life after her. And even after so many years, she still had the power to make him lose his mind and awaken all his lustful desires. He is back, just to take the revenge. Is he going succeed? Or he is just going get hurt, once again?

I knew knocking up my best friend’s little sister was a mistake…
Call it payback, because what his dad did to my family was worse. I wanted Valerie, more than anything. And the little tease? Well, she wanted me too.
She got it in her pretty little head that she could seduce me, and being young and dumb, I let her. But I had no idea that she was using me. I was a ploy in her family’s game to steal my father’s company and pull the rug out from under us. No doubt she was tasked with distracting me, and damn she did a good job. Of course, I’d wanted her in my bed for years. I thought I was respecting her brother by keeping my hands to myself.
Joke’s on me, they never had an ounce of respect for me.

My family left the country after what they did. We lost everything. And now, I consider those old friends to be my worst enemies. Well, I’m coming back. And now, I’m a self-made man.
After all these years and their betrayal, I’m going to get my revenge against all of them. And I’ll start with pretty little Valerie. Because I can’t get her out of my head. I don’t care if I’m still in love with her. And when I find her, she’s going to wish she never seduced me or crossed me.
Money, power and position, I have it all. I will destroy her and her family completely and take back everything belonged to us. Now when I am back and every time I look at her, she awakens all dirty desires that I had been ignoring for all these years. I have nothing to lose. Last time she played with me and this is my time to play and win…Sizzling hot and romantic standalone story! No cheating! No cliffhanger! Enjoy 🙂 Adults Only!


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