Crystabel Nnamdi


  • Ilu was not the type who showed emotions easily, but today I saw a part of him I had never seen before, and I was so glad I did. He was such an amazing person, easily misunderstood, with a heart of gold, and jokes for days.
    I apologized about everything, but he told me that my major flaw as a person was always felling that I was right no…[Read more]

  • Those words were pretty deep because for the first time, I felt like someone had just given me the root cause of my problems. He stopped at the gate of my house, and I was so grateful. When I asked him how much his money was, he said I should give him anything. Anything for such a long ride? I asked, and he said yes, that he felt so much better…[Read more]

  • “Joshua I am really sorry if you are upset about what I said earlier. Maybe I was wrong, but”
    “Maybe???? Maybe?? Kenny can you hear yourself? You said something wrong, and it took you this long to apologize. Now you decide to apologize, and all you can say is maybe? Wow Kenny, Wow! Maybe that’s also why none of your friends has reached out to…[Read more]

  • Unlike the last time, he was driving today and I couldn’t help but ask if he had a license.
    “Kenny, this is Nigeria. Sometimes you don’t really need a license. You just need a reasonable amount of money to grease the palms of the Road safety corps, the VIO agents, and the police officers. The army men rarely stop to ask for car parti…[Read more]

  • This joke was really dry because Joshua couldn’t even contribute some laughter to save me from the shame of my dry joke. He later managed to do a hahahaha, calling device response to a joke that I laughed about so hard my stomach already began to hurt.

    “Kenny, you should walk me home today” Joshua said looking at my eyeballs. We had stopped on Lu…[Read more]


    Being back to Abuja was okay, but I remembered that I had promised Joshua that I would reach out once I got back, and I was determined to do so. The problem was that I had forgotten his house address. Although his street is the longest in the area, locating his house merely by remembering the street was still…[Read more]

  • It was Thursday already, and by Saturday morning we will be headed for Abuja. I was praying for these two days to go by quickly because the excessive comfort and the “I’m at your service ma” was already beginning to irritate me.

    It was a few minutes after two in the afternoon, so I decided to sleep a little before ordering some snacks. Just then,…[Read more]

  • I slept throughout the journey, and I only opened my eyes once to eat, and the second time when we were on a small strip of a bad road that led to the hotel.

    Frankly speaking, I was impressed with the architectural design of the hotel. I never expected to see such a classy hotel in somewhere like Kaduna. Not like Kaduna was a local place or…[Read more]

  • My mum quietly told me to get our things from the trunk of his car, and leave them just beside the staircase to the front door of the house. Not a word was said till I had taken the suitcases to the where my mum said I should, and Mr. Donald got into his car and drove off. I felt like Sunday our gateman was already prepared because the gate was…[Read more]

  • Hi Nancy, Good morning” I said, shoving my head through the passenger’s seat, to the back seat so I could make an eye contact and see the young lady who chose to be deaf to my voice all this while, amidst seating like the Queen of shit Kingdom with her rumpled raggedy looking purple dress that I could see from the corner of my eye. I don’t know…[Read more]


    Sunday morning came so quickly and I was so happy to breathe air that wasn’t the “ovenized” Abuja air.

    My mum already told me that I would be meeting someone new and important to her today, so I had to be on my best behavior.

    Mr. Donald arrived at our house as early as seven that morni…[Read more]

  • I hope to update soon. Thank you all for your support,I am grateful.

  • I quietly entered the house as if there was someone sleeping that I didn’t want to disturb, made my meal of “Eba and Okra Soup” and went to bed.
    Because I slept so early, I woke up again by a few minutes to midnight and my mum was already back a long time ago before then. When I came out to the dinning to get drinking water from the dispe…[Read more]

  • “There is no problem with the ride, but as for something to eat why don’t you come over to my place so I can cook for you” he said rubbing his palms against one another and giving me a weird eye contact.
    This boy was really cute, so a nice meal couldn’t be harmful I said to myself.
    Joshua’s ride wasn’t a ride, it was car; like “carrrrrr”…[Read more]

  • I wanted to talk to Ilu, or ask him his for his own view on the issue, but it was like he was reading my mind so the moment I called out his name, he put the second ear of his earpiece in its place, and walked away.
    This had to be the most embarrassing moment of my life. At this point a couple of people were around us and Ilu’s majestic walk o…[Read more]

  • Let’s assume Burger actual liked you, you would have made him look really stupid by telling him to concentrate his feeling on Soda. Come on sister! We have all been friends since primary four. We just finished freshman year so that makes it nine solid years of friendship; and you have been harbouring all these unbelievable crap inside you? Wow! I…[Read more]

  • At this point it was obvious that Burger and Soda discussed this message and were waiting for me to show up so they could lash out on me.
    “Just look at how she said “Soda really likes you, and I’m sure you will end up liking her eventually”. Meaning what now? “Okay see this part” she continued as brushed me to show Ilu who was standing be…[Read more]

  • That’s nice, I said to myself. I just hope it gave Burger and Soda ample time to talk I continued.
    So Ilu and I headed to the Eagle game area because Burger had told him that they were around there.
    I was not a first timer in Magic Land, but there were two games my acrophobic nature would never let me attempt; Pirate Ship and The soaring E…[Read more]

  • “Kenny, how are you” a voice said from behind.
    I turned around and saw it was Joshua. I know his friends at the field kept calling him something else that sounded more like a nickname, but I wasn’t able to grab it so I continued with Joshua that I was sure was the name on his birth certificate.
    “I’m fine, what about you? And what are you doing…[Read more]

  • Her father didn’t give her any allowance for three months (he later did after her mother’s serious pleas and intervention) because he said she was feeling like someone making money. I sure was wiser than that, so as amazing as my mum could be, I always learnt never to extend her handshakes to my ears. Doing that might warrant a painful ear pul…[Read more]

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