Medicine in a Minute – 1st Edition PDF

Medicine in a Minute – 1st Edition PDF

Download Medicine in a Minute – 1st Edition PDF book free online – From Medicine in a Minute – 1st Edition PDF: Medicine in a Minute is a brand new full-color text covering the fundamentals of undergraduate medicine in one book.

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Medical students no longer have the time or inclination to read the huge texts that used to dominate this market – they need a concise book that covers the core information they have to know, and in a user-friendly format: Medicine in a Minute is this book.
The book is edited and written by two of the authors behind the bestselling Cardiology in a Heartbeat and features several common design elements and features.
The book is divided into body systems and then each section within the particular body system follows a consistent pattern:
• Definition • Epidemiology • Risk factors • Differential diagnosis • Etiology • Pathophysiology • Clinical features • Investigations • Management
Medicine in a Minute is a student-friendly, concise text that you will want close to hand throughout your studies.

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1. Cardiology
2. Respiratory medicine
3. Gastroenterology and hepatobiliary medicine
4. Endocrinology
5. Neurology
6. Haematology, oncology and palliative medicine
7. Nephrology
8. Metabolic medicine and toxicology
9. Infectious disease
10. Rheumatology and immunology
11. Dermatology
12. The emergency ladder
Diagram Attributions

Download Medicine in a Minute – 1st Edition PDF

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