Medical Sciences 3rd Edition PDF

Medical Sciences 3rd Edition PDF

Download Medical Sciences 3rd Edition PDF book free – From Medical Sciences 3rd Edition PDF:Medical Sciences was the first fully integrated textbook designed to bridge the gaps between school-level biosciences and the early years of medical school, and to demonstrate through context the relevance of the medical sciences to clinical practice. Buy from Amazon

Medical Sciences 3rd Edition PDF

Building on the great success of the first two editions, this fully updated and augmented market-leading title is now in its third edition. Register your StudentConsult PIN for access to the e-book and its new contents.

  • Clear, integrated approach to contextualising the medical sciences in their clinical application.
  • Highly illustrated.
  • Accessible, readable writing.
  • e-only chapters which animate difficult concepts
  • The physiology of psychological disorders.
  • Expanded genetics chapter to include recent developments in genomics.
  • Pathology and immunology chapter thoroughly updated.
  • Many chapters updated with new full-colour illustrations.

Videos online:

  • The nervous system
  • The cardiovascular system: the heart
  • The cardiovascular system: heart block
  • The renal system

Self-test questions (SBA) online in:

  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Renal system

Preface – Medical Sciences 3rd Edition PDF

We were delighted to be offered the opportunity to compile a third edition of Medical Sciences. This book was envisaged as a comprehensive introduction to medical studies, focussed on explaining the scientific foundation of core facts that are important to clinical medicine.

It is unique in providing a text that integrates information across the diverse branches of medical science, focussing on body systems in health and linking to clinical phenomena. Accompanying the system chapters are more broadly ranging chapters that introduce the reader to concepts important to all students of medicine: homeostasis; biochemistry and cell biology; energy and metabolism; diet and nubition; pharmacology; genetics; epidemiology and statistics.

Many aspects of medical science have developed or changed over the last few years and this new edition has provided us with the opportunity to update the material. Some chapters have been substantially rewritten. We have tried to avoid chemical formulae and mathematical equations that many students will not require, while maintaining an understanding of the processes that these relate to. Some chapters include more clinical content than others, as clinical and information boxes. This is because these areas relate to more common, and therefore, important, clinical conditions.

The student must, however, never forget that uncommon or rare conditions do exist and are, therefore, equally important. It is never easy to get the balance right between basic and clinical sciences. We therefore welcome your feedback. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this book and find it useful throughout your studies. We thank all the contributors to this third edition of Medical Sciences; in particular our new contributors, as we recognise that joining an established writing team is often as difficult as to undertake an entirely new commission. We would like to thank Elsevier for giving us the opportunity to update information in the previous edition as in some subjects especially, scientific development is fast moving. As Editors we have been supported through the project, in particular by Carole McMurray, Content Development Specialist.

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