Mayhem by Heather Slade Pdf

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Code Name: Mayhem is the fifth and final book in the K19 Shadow Operations Series! Have you guessed the identity of the serial killer correctly?

Code Name: Emmett “Mayhem” Gable

Target: Grace “Hanadarko” Hunter
Mission: Protect the innocent from a vile serial killer.

I sit back, watch, take it all in, as I determine my next move. I’m quiet, stealthy, and always ready to act—making my enemies regret their every decision. It’s always the silent shy-type people need to worry about. And they worry about me. Come hell or high water, I’m going to take down this serial killer before it’s too late.

When K19 needs the best profiler in the business to come out of “retirement,” it takes every bit of my charisma to convince her to help. And now, there’s no holding back. She’s going to learn why they call me MAYHEM.

No way, not a chance. I’m officially in “retirement.” Not that I’m anywhere near old enough. I’m just done facing off against the dregs of humanity and looking filth right in the eye. Now, though, it’s time to trust the one man who makes it all worthwhile—the one who makes me lose control. He’s chaos and mayhem, and I cannot get enough. Can the two of us together find the courage to destroy the serial killer who’s hellbent on destroying us?

While each book in the K19 Shadow Operations Series is a standalone with its own HEA, the books may be more enjoyable read in order.


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