Mark’s Calculations For Machine Design by Thomas Brown

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Mark’s Calculations For Machine Design – Everyday Engineers must solve some of the most difficult design problems and often with little time and money to spare. It was with this in mind that this book was designed.

Based on the best selling Mark’s Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Mark’s Standard Engineering Calculations For Machine Design offers a detailed treatment of topics in statics, friction, kinematics, dynamics, energy relations, impulse and momentum, systems of particles, variable mass systems, and three-dimensional rigid body analysis. Among the advanced topics are spherical coordinates, shear modulus tangential unit vector tension, deformable media, and torsion (twisting).

From the Back Cover


This information-packed reference is the perfect bridge between the principles outlined in textbooks and the challenges of engineering practice. Engineer and educator Thomas H. Brown, Jr.’s new book offers problem-solving techniques, formulas, and tabular data in a convenient, quick lookup format. Developed and expanded out of material in McGraw-Hill’s best-selling Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, this unique resource provides complete step-by-step help with:

  • Basic to advanced calculation procedures
  • Examples of solved problems in both U.S. customary and SI/metric units
  • Calculations for fundamental, advanced, and combined loadings on machine elements
  • Problem-solving techniques and calculations for static and dynamic design, including fatigue and column buckling
  • Advanced problems for bolted and welded connections, springs, flywheels, gear trains, and more
  • Easy-to-use tables, charts, listings, and formulas

Axial Loading * Torsion * Bending * Beams: Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams with Deflection Formulas * Pressure Loading: Thin- and Thick-Walled Vessels, Press-Shrink Fit * Contact Loading: Spherical and Cylindrical Geometries * High-Speed Rotational Loading * Combined Loadings * Principal Stresses and Mohr’s Circle * Static Design Criteria: Ductile to Brittle Materials * Fatigue and Dynamic Design Criteria: Finite and Infinite Life * Bolted Connections * Welded Connections * Springs * Flywheels * Linkages * Gear Trains: Spur and Planetary Arrangements * Wheels and Flywheels

About the Author

Thomas H. Brown, Jr., Ph.D., PE, manages the Fundamentals of Engineering Review Program and the Civil Engineering Professional Engineering Review Program at the Institute for Transportation Research and Education at North Carolina State University. Dr. Brown has taught review courses for the Mechanical Engineering Professional Engineering Review Program offered by the Industrial Extension Service and taught undergraduate machine design courses for almost a dozen years in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, both in the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University.