Marked By Katrina Cope Pdf

Marked By  Katrina Cope Pdf

Download Marked By Katrina Cope Pdf book free online – from Marked By Katrina Cope Pdf book; Kara thought that her lack of wings was a problem in the world of Valkyries–until she stumbled across a dragon’s nest. She soon learned that wherever you found a dragon’s nest, a mother dragon was always nearby. No matter how much combat training she had, she could still become lunch.

When she crosses her arms across her chest, her two winged companions, Mist and Prima, follow suit. The three of them standing together almost look like they were cut from the same mold and had decided to dress in the same clothes. In reality, it was the uniform of the winged warriors. Small beads of sweat pooled on their shirts right under their heart. It looked as though they had just come from combat training.

Jealousy roars through me as I gaze at those beautiful white wings. I am only too aware of my lack of wings protruding from my shoulder blades. So many days, I curse the day I was born without wings. My fifteen years of life would have been entirely different if I were born with wings.

Rota glances over my scattered books, and something catches her eye. I cringe. Instantly, I know what it is. I scramble to my knees and dive for my books, trying desperately to gather them quickly together. A click of a heel sounds near my ear, and I grimace. I’m too late.

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