Mapping the Markets by Deborah Owen PDF

Mapping the Markets by Deborah Owen PDF

Download Mapping the Markets by Deborah Owen PDF book free online – From Mapping the Markets by Deborah Owen PDF: The global financial markets turn over billions of dollars daily. An array of different instruments is available to trade in these markets, ranging from simple stocks and shares to exotic creatures such as butterfly spreads.

Participation at any level involves taking a view as to which way the market in question will move. There are essentially only two methods for analysing the future direction of the markets in equities, currencies, interest rates or commodities: one involves fundamental analysis, the other technical analysis. The two camps of investment analysts are separated by a wide gulf of distrust and suspicion. This book seeks to bridge the gap between the two disciplines and show how you can benefit from both, highlighting:•  The tools you can use for mapping the markets—to understand what causes shifts in the trend and underlying forces that affect the economy and therefore the financial markets
• The long-term cyclical drivers—how economic change is triggered by technological change, and the technological changes that will drive the markets in the future
• Downward phases of the cycle—and the factors that cause them
• The markets and sectors that will prosper in the future.

As the world of investment gets ever more complicated and faster, Mapping the Markets will provide an invaluable route to improving your chances of investment success and avoiding investment distress, whether you are a long-term investor or a short-term trader.

Editorial Reviews


Mapping the Markets explains clearly why markets move in cycles and, furthermore, it spells out where you should invest to profit from the next big wave of industrialisation and innovation. It is essential reading for all investors.”
—John Murphy
Author of Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets and Intermarket Analysis


It is a privilege to commend this book to the great multitude of investors, traders and analysts, who are eager to enhance their knowledge of the global financial markets – whether in equities, currencies, interest rates or commodities.

“Mapping the Markets”, the brainchild of two well-known practitioners in the world of technical research; Deborah Owen and Robin Griffiths, amalgamate the disciplines of economic and technical analysis, showing how investors can position themselves to benefit from both specialties.

The authors expound on the work of Joseph Schumpeter – this being the backbone of their methodology – and illustrate how Schumpeter’s ‘three-cycle schema’ culminate in trends in the stockmarket that last for generational periods of time (secular timeframes) or in cycles of shorter duration. Particularly interesting is the revelation of the four-year cycle in the US stockmarket, otherwise dubbed the Kitchin cycle in Schumpeter’s work, and is shown to have become phase-locked with the US presidential-election cycle.

At the microscopic level, the authors share a unique system for identifying Stocks and conducting top-down analysis that begets from the four-year cycle. The methodology aims to identify the strongest trending markets and stocks based on short, long and relative strength trends and is particularly useful for determining sector rotation within the business cycle. Having applied this analysis, they illustrate simple chart patterns that can be utilised in conjunction with this methodology to sharpen market timing.

On another note, the book is instrumental in revealing how more esoteric
concepts like demographics and natural resource allocation are key in paving the economic destinies of countries and is apropos in interpreting China and India’s boom story.

Finally, it is worth highlighting that the primary strength of this book is separating the wheat from the chaff to provide a no-nonsense approach to deciphering financial markets in their changing landscapes.

I only wish that I had this book ten years ago!

Ron William – Bloomberg

About the Author

Deborah Owen is managing director of Investment Research of Cambridge (IRC). Founded in 1945, IRC was one of the first companies in the UK to specialise in technically-based research and it has a global reputation for the quality of its analysis of the financial markets. Owen started working in the City of London as a financial journalist for Euromoney magazine. She then worked as a currency strategist for Chemical Bank and Charterhouse Bank before starting her own financial publishing business. She is a fellow of the Society of Technical Analysts and edits the society’s journal. She is also coauthor of EMU in Perspective, published in 1999.

Robin Griffiths has worked in the financial markets since 1964. He is currently head of global investment strategy at Rathbones, a leading UK investment firm. From 1986 to 2002 he was HSBC’s senior technical analyst, publishing commentary on world stockmarkets, bonds, currencies and commodities. Prior to that he worked at Grieves and Grant, W.I. Carr and Phillips & Drew. A former chairman of the International Federation of Technical Analysts, he is a fellow of the Society of Technical Analysts and is a regular commentator on BLOOMBERG NEWS®. For twenty-five years he wrote the Amateur Chartist newsletter.


When and how to market your business when you are not reaching your goals. How not to promote your business and what are the tips that help you to meet your goals. Deborah also shows how to invest your money and how to double your investment in the stock market. It contains tools and strategies for beginners to become experts. How the economic system is changing with respect to time and what is the best way to counter with the deadlocks. It is a remarkable book for everyone to become an expert in marketing.

Details About Mapping the Markets by Deborah Owen PDF

  • Name: Mapping the Markets: A Guide to Stock Market Analysis 1st Edition
  • Authors: Deborah Owen and Robin Griffiths
  • Publish Date: October 1, 2006
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Business Investment, Stock Market, Investment
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 134
  • Price: Free
  • ISBN: 1576602389

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