Management of Financial Services By Dr. M.C. Garg Pdf

Download Management of Financial Services By Dr. M.C. Garg Pdf book free online – from Management of Financial Services By Dr. M.C. Garg Pdf book; This book explains the following topics: Financial Systems and Markets, Nature and Scope Of Financial Services, Insurance, Introduction to Banking, Management Of Risk In Financial Services, Mutual Fund, Merchant Banking, Leasing and Hire Purchase, Debt Securitization, Housing Finance, Credit Rating, Credit Card, Venture Capital, Discounting, Factoring

The role of financial system is thus, to promote savings and their channalisation in the economy through financial assets that are more productive than the physical assets. The fund flows in an efficient financial system from less productive to more productive purpose, from unproductive/less productive activities to productive activities and from idle balance to active balances. Thus, ultimate objective is to add value through flow of fund in the system. This means that the operations of financial system are vital to the pace and structure of the growth of the economy. However we must not forget that some
of the transfers are to households to acquire consumer goods and services and to government for assorted purposes, including collective consumption. This system plays a significant role in accelerating the rate of economic development which leads to improving general standard of living and higher social welfare.

Financial system is changing very fast. Changes are due to two types of innovations. First category of innovation facilitates serving existing needs in new ways. An example is leasing, which enables the user to use the asset without buying it. Second category of innovation uses existing technology to serve new needs. Securitization of financial assets is an example here. Funds extended in form of loans are tied up. To make use of such tied up funds these financial assets are securitized and liquid resources are raised to extend more loans.

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