Man Splain by Vanessa Vale PDF

Man Splain by Vanessa Vale PDF

Download Man Splain by Vanessa Vale PDF book free. I’m a billionaire CEO. An expert fixer. I just found my next fix…It’s literally my job to make sure everything goes to plan. I’m really f-ing good at it. But when the beautiful coffee shop owner refuses a corporate loan to keep her business afloat solely because we had a slightly-drunk quickie, it makes me crazy. Insane. Frustrated. Turned on.

Especially when I discover the stubborn woman chooses instead to be a cam girl to pay her bills. Of course, I step in, because:

1. I need to make this right.

2. There’s no way another man is going to glimpse one gorgeous inch of her.

3. It’s my fault.

I buy up all her cam time. Problem solved. Except this is a plan I didn’t think through. Eve doesn’t know she’s falling for the same guy on and off the screen. What happens when she learns the truth? All I know is this may be the one problem I can’t fix.


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