Man of the Mountain by Frankie Love PDF

Man of the Mountain by Frankie Love PDF

Download Man of the Mountain by Frankie Love PDF book free. As a forest ranger in Fox Hollow Forest, I spend my days in the woods alone.Until now.A baby has been abandoned at the station and it’s my duty to get her somewhere safe.When Katie, the cute and curvy social worker comes to take the baby, a storm sweeps in.

Now she’s stuck here at my cabin until the weather turns.But by then it will be too late.Katie is mine now. Heart and soul.I just have to convince her that a baby doesn’t just change me.This baby is changing everything.Dear Reader,Ready to head to Fox Hollow?Kutter is ready to claim what he craves.But will Katie be able to handle all he has to offer?Because he’s more than a mountain daddy… he’s a mountain MAN!xo, frankie

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