Making Numbers Count by Chip Heath Pdf

Making Numbers Count by Chip Heath Pdf

Download Making Numbers Count by Chip Heath Pdf book free online. Understanding numbers is critical, but humans were not designed to do so. Most languages have no vocabulary for numbers greater than five until recently; anything from six to infinity was referred to as “lots.” While our world’s numbers have become increasingly sophisticated, our minds remain locked in the past. How can we turn billions of dollars, milliseconds, and nanometers into something we can understand and use?. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Chip Heath is a master at teaching others how to make ideas stick, and in Making Numbers Count, he lays out specific methods for translating numbers into our brain’s language. This book is jam-packed with dramatic number makeovers, vivid before-and-after examples that take a dry number and turn it into something that makes people say, “Wow, now I get it!”

You will discover concepts like:

Simple perspective cues: Microsoft researchers discovered that adding one simple comparison sentence increased the accuracy with which consumers evaluated numbers such as population and country area.
Vividness: Imagine a bee in a cathedral or a pea on a racetrack to get a sense of the size of a nucleus, which are both simpler to visualize than “1/100,000th of the size of an atom.”
Convert to a method: Utilize our natural sense of time (five gigabytes of audio storage translates to “two months of commutes without hearing the same song twice”).
Emotional yardsticks include: Represent the figure in a way that people are already interested in (“that medical strategy will save twice as many women as curing breast cancer”).
This book will help math-lovers and math-haters alike translate the numbers that animate our world, allowing us to bring more data, more naturally, into decisions in our schools, workplaces, and society. Whether you’re interested in global problems like climate change, running a tech firm or a farm, or just explaining how many Cokes you’d have to drink if you burned calories like a hummingbird, this book will help math-lovers and math-haters alike translate the numbers.

About the Author

Chip Heath is a Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer. Made to Stick, Switch, Decisive, and The Power of Moments are four New York Times bestseller books written by Chip and his brother Dan. Their works have been translated into thirty-three languages, including Thai, Arabic, and Lithuanian, and have sold over three million copies worldwide. Over 530 startups have benefited from his assistance in refining and articulating their strategy and vision. Chip is a Los Gatos, California resident.

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