Make: Getting Started with Soldering PDF

Make: Getting Started with Soldering PDF

Download Make: Getting Started with Soldering PDF book free online – From Make: Getting Started with Soldering PDF:Getting Started with Soldering not only teaches new makers and experimenters the core principles of soldering, it also functions as an excellent reference and resource for beginners and more advanced makers alike. Buy From Amazon

Description Make: Getting Started with Soldering PDF

The book guides readers through the fundamentals of soldering, explains the tools and materials, demonstrates proper techniques, and shows how to fix mistakes or broken connections. It even includes guidance on more advanced techniques such as surface-mount soldering for electronics. From choosing the right soldering iron to making perfect connections, readers will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to form a strong foundation for a lifetime of making.

Soldering is a core concept in making, electronics prototyping, and home repairsThe many different types of soldering — requiring different materials and tools — are explained with easy-to-follow instructionsFull-color photographs and illustrations throughout create a visually engaging format for learningPricing and technical considerations help readers select the best tools for their budgets and needsTroubleshooting guidelines show how to repair solder connections that have failed from improper technique or from age

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From the Forward

The world of electronics is waiting for you—a fantastic land of LEDs, buttons, motors, and microcontrollers. And what is your key to this kingdom? The common soldering iron! This humble item has been tossed into toolboxes for years, to be pulled out whenever a household wire is loose. Whether your soldering iron is a pen-type, battery- or butane-powered, or a fancy stand model, you will be able to do a lot with soldering.

First of all, you can fix things around you!

How many times have you had to toss out a really nice pair of headphones because of a worn-out wire? Now, that will be a 10-minute job. Or maybe your bicycle headlamp goes on the fritz whenever you jump the curb? Get in there with your soldering iron and fix it—good as new.

And then, you can make new things!

Upgrade your costume, cosplay, or festival attire with LEDs, soldered in place. If you do theater A/V, your ability to make custom cables will be very handy. Or pick up a kit, and get into the relaxing rhythm of “cross-stitching with molten metal” (as I like to call it).

Soldering may seem a little intimidating at first—it’s hot, it’s metal, what kind of solder should I use? But it’s not that tough; millions of people have picked up this handy skill. And Marc here is an expert—not just at soldering, but at knowing how to get you, the beginner, going!

About the Author

Marc de Vinck is currently a Professor at Lehigh University in the Masters of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship program. He is a former director of product development at MAKE magazine who sits on the Advisory Council at the New York Hall of Science Innovation Institute. Marc says that one of his greatest accomplishments was helping more than 10,000 people learn how to solder. He’s a metalsmith, illustrator, 3D modeler, teacher, and writer.


Marc de Vinck is currently a Professor in the Masters of Entrepreneurship Program at Lehigh University. He co-developed and co-teaches in the award winning program which started in May of 2012. Almost 6 years later, the program continues to evolve & inspire new entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world.

Prior to Lehigh, Marc de Vinck was director of product development at MAKE magazine and a member of the MAKE Technical Advisory board. He has written numerous posts on do-it-yourself science and technology on, as well as articles and featured builds in the print version of MAKE. He speaks at events across the country.

De Vinck previously worked in fields as diverse as traditional metal smith, illustrator, and 3D model maker. He thrives on the process of making and educating, with one of his greatest career accomplishments the implementation of Maker Faire’s Learn to Solder program, which taught more than 10,000 people a lifelong skill and hopefully inspired many to realize they are makers. De Vinck’s interests include micro-controllers, open source hardware, interactive art, and anything that uses technology in a unique way. He also enjoys great design, regardless of the medium. When he’s not developing a new product in his studio – a rare occurrence – he’s skiing, playing ice hockey, or out sailing with his family.

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