Maggie Brown & Others: Stories by Peter Orner Pdf

Download Maggie Brown & Others: Stories by Peter Orner Pdf.

In this powerful and virtuosic collection of interlocking stories, each one “a marvel of

concision and compassion” (Washington Post), a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist and “master of his form” (i~>New York Times) takes the short story to new heights.

Through forty-four compressed gems, Peter Orner, a writer who “doesn’t simply bring his characters to life, he gives them souls” (NYT Book Review), chronicles people whose lives are at inflection points, gripping us with a series of defining moments.

Whether it’s a first date that turns into a late-night road trip to a séance in an abandoned airplane hangar, or a family’s memories of the painful mystery surrounding a neglected uncle’s demise, Orner reveals how our fleeting decisions between kindness and abandonment chase us across time. These stories are anchored by a poignant novella that delivers not only the joys and travails of a forty-year marriage, but an entire era in a working-class New England city. Bristling with the crackling energy of life itself, Maggie Brown & Others marks the most sustained achievement to date for “a master of his form” (New York Times).

  • New York Times Notable Book
  • Chicago Tribune Notable Book
  • An Oprah Magazine Best Book of 2019
  • Kirkus Reviews Best Short Fiction of 2019
  • Longlisted for the Simpson/Joyce Carol Oates Prize