Macbeth Character Review by William Shakespeare

Macbeth is the principal character in the Macbeth play by Shakespeare. A Macbeth character review is a piece of writing that evaluates the personality traits exhibited in the play, the roles of characters in the storyline narration, and the conflicts they endured.

In the Macbeth play, soldiers happen to be motivated by the wrong forces and miss many things at the end. The different characters in the Macbeth play help to bring out various themes depending on their personality traits and they include.

Macbeth Character Review by William Shakespeare


Shakespeare puts it clear that the army is mainly made-up mercenaries who the highest bidder hires, and in most cases, they have no sense of loyalty to Macbeth.  These soldiers are so disloyal to the point that they can’t be trusted to fight bravely for him, especially at the drop of a hat. The play depicts the dilemma of what drives most people to do the wrong things.

Eventually, their actions lead to their utmost destruction later in life. Macbeth is depicted as a morally upright person at the start of the play, but witch predictions later mislead him. At some point, he is worried about his black and deep desires.

The play’s themes are displayed openly so that the readers can come up with a variety of conclusions based on their understanding. Understanding these themes will help in writing a great Macbeth character essay. is one of the best writing essay services with writers who have huge experience in different writing styles.

Disruption of natural order

Another theme that comes out is the disruption of the natural order. This is after the king’s death; the public stayed in fear that things would go wild due to disruptions in the chain of command.

The king was recognized as the sun in the play, meaning that his death would symbolize darkness over the kingdom. Macbeth as the king, brings a lot of chaos and confusion to the kingdom, and he has to be overthrown by Malcolm. 

Shakespeare displays the evil nature of the witches through the theme of supernatural intervention. These powers are just misleading people with fake prophecies about what might happen in the future. Macbeth becoming the king of Scotland gives these witches so much influence to the extent that he starts believing in everything they would direct him to do.

Trust and deceit 

In the Macbeth play, there is also a lot of trust and deceit amongst different characters. Macbeth is one of the characters these themes manifest in the play. He tries to use treachery means to achieve what he wants no matter the situation ahead of him. His wife also disguises her evil thoughts and all bad deeds with a fair appearance.

After different characters commit different crimes, trust issues start cropping up amongst themselves. Malcolm and Donalbain are among the characters who do not trust their peers. They feel that people out there will eventually get to know their evil deeds and plot how to get rid of them immediately.

After their father dies, they seem to have lost trust in almost everyone around, and the only thing left for them is to flee from the kingdom. Their actions leave Macduff’s wife in a dilemma with no place to run to.

Unchecked ambition

Unchecked ambition is one of the themes that comes out clearly in the play. The two main characters highly display this theme: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Macbeth is depicted as having a strong sense of ambition for everything he does, whether bad or good.

At first, he is very incorruptible. That means that he could not accept to commit evil deeds to ascend to power, but after the fake predictions by the witches, he develops a strong will to pursue things by force. He doesn’t care about what he is doing as long as he can get his way through. This clearly shows the unchecked evil ambition in his quest for power.

Lady Macbeth, at first, was also advising Macbeth to change the course of his action, but she later turns out to have unchecked evil ambition. That’s when he aids the killing of the different characters by encouraging her husband to remain strong even after committing all these kinds of crimes.

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