Love Never Fails PDF By Kenneth E. Hagin

Love Never Fails PDF

Download Love Never Fails PDF book free By Kenneth E. Hagin – From Love Never Fails PDF: When believers act according to the love of God shed abroad in their hearts, they can t fail. Buy from Amazon

Love Never Fails PDF

s W. E. Vine and others point out, this passage in Galatians is not referring to the Holy Spirit; it’s referring to the human spirit, although the Holy Spirit is involved. At times it’s difficult to tell whether Paul is talking about the Holy Spirit or the human spirit because the same Greek word, pneuma, is used. If you read the entire passage, however, you’ll see that Paul is contrasting the works of the flesh with the works of the spirit.Love Never Fails PDF

Verse 19 says, “Now the works of the flesh are….” and verse 22 continues, “But the fruit of the Spirit is ….” So this passage actually refers to the fruit of the recreated, born-again human spirit. Of course, this comes about because of the life of Christ—the Holy Spirit — within.

Love Never Fails PDF Book by Kenneth E. Hagin – One night after a church service, my wife and I went out to eat with the pastor and his wife. This pastor’s wife said, “Brother Hagin, you’ve got me in a mess. Since I’ve heard you preach, I don’t even know if I’m saved or not!” I knew she grew up in a Full Gospel parsonage, was graduated from a Full Gospel Bible school, and both she and her husband were ordained ministers. Love Never Fails PDF

“How did I confuse you?” I asked. She explained that one night I had quoted from First John 3:15, which says, “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer; and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” I had added, “And that includes mothers-in-law.” This woman said, “I hate my mother-in-law!” I said, “Well, if that’s the case, then of course you aren’t saved. You don’t have eternal life in you.” (I was going to rescue her in a moment, but I wanted her to see herself, so I let her stew for a while.) I knew what the problem was; it is a problem for many Christians. Love Never Fails PDF

They really do not know what they have or who they are in Christ. They let their mind (unrenewed with the Word of God) or their flesh (which is unsanctified) confuse them, and that can really get them into a mess. I decided to rescue this sister. I said, “Look me in the eye and say, ‘I hate my mother-in-law.’ At the same time, check down in your spirit (not up in your brain). What happens in there?” She looked across the table and said, “I hate my mother-in-law.”

Review – Love Never Fails PDF

Due to my broken relationship with my daughter and her family, I wanted to make sure that loving them in spite of the I’ll treatment , lies and disrespect on their part, was it normal for me to continue loving and praying believing God for healing and and restoration of our family.

After reading this book ,I now realize that loving them is God’s answer and instead of grieving over this great loss (temporary I hope ) but if not I can still go on and love others and witness God’s love, goodness, kindness& mercy to others and live with the joy of the Lord, instead of being sad and unable to continue the work God intended for me to do. For his kingdom not mine. Praise God for brother Hagin and his Godly wisdom and love. L Guerriero

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