Love Me Forever by Layla Hagen Pdf

Download Love Me Forever by Layla Hagen Pdf.The first time I met Travis Maxwell, he thought I was a damsel in distress. We spent a glorious week together, knowing

that we’d go our separate ways in the end.

One month later, two blue lines turn my life upside down.

I’m pregnant. And the number Travis gave me is no longer in service.

Hurt and shocked, I do the right thing and track him down. We agree to be friends, nothing more, and to raise our child. Easier said than done.

Travis transforms from a master flirt to a caveman, intent on protecting me, and our unborn baby. He spoils me and tends to all my cravings: including supplying my favorite cupcakes on demand and watching Netflix with me.

As we bicker about which season of Bridgerton is better, he suddenly tells me that he wants me.

That he needs me. And I need him too.

But I want him to want me for me, not just because of the baby.

But I fear he’s mixing up his feelings and I don’t think that’s the right recipe for forever …


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