Lords of the North by Bernard Cornwell Pdf

Lords of the North by Bernard Cornwell Pdf

Download Lords of the North by Bernard Cornwell Pdf book free online. The year is 878, and King Alfred’s Saxons of Wessex had conquered the Danes in order to keep their realm free. Uhtred, the dispossessed son of a Northumbrian lord, was instrumental in Alfred’s victory, but he is now horrified by Alfred’s lack of charity. Uhtred departs Wessex, heading north to find his stepsister at Dunholm, a formidable castle. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

When Uhtred comes in the north, he finds disorder, mutiny, and fear. Hild, a West Saxon nun fleeing her calling, is his only ally, and his sword is his greatest hope. Guthred, an obviously deluded slave who believes he is a king, is the only other ally he has. Together, they cross the Pennines to a desperate coalition of fanatical Christians and besieged Danes, who build a new army to take on Northumbria’s awful Viking kings. Instead of triumph, Uhtred discovers betrayal. But, as he is forced to turn to his hesitant ally, Alfred the Great, he discovers love and redemption.

Lords of the North is a stunning adventure that also tells the narrative of how modern England came to be, as the English and Danes eventually became one people, adopting one other’s languages and fighting alongside one another.

About the Author

Bernard Cornwell was born in London and worked in television before marrying and moving to the United States. He wrote a novel after being denied a work visa and has continued to write ever since.

His current popular book, THE LAST KINGDOM, is set during the founding of England, and he is a brilliant storyteller with a passion for history. Bernard makes a guest appearance in season three of this popular Netflix comedy. Filming for the fourth season is now underway.

He’s also the author of THE GRAIL QUEST series, set during the Hundred Years’ War, THE WARLORD chronicles, set in Arthurian Britain, several standalone novels, one non-fiction work on Waterloo, and the SHARPE series, which he started with.

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