London Bridge By John M Upton PDF

Download London Bridge By John M Upton PDF book free online London Bridge By John M Upton PDF: Time is running out to prevent a political plot that is rumbling beneath the surface.

Old forces and new faces are joining together to form a new world order for Security and Justice but a system that will dance to their tune and fill their wallets with profit.

The only way to defeat this is to find out who they are and what they are up to before it is too late.

The only person with that information however is lost somewhere in the rural mountains of Wales and a desperate search to bring her and the information home in time soon gets under way.

The first half of a two part story (concluded in the next episode ‘Cannon Street’) is a tense race against time to prevent disaster.

With so many forces and factors working against them, the Security & Police Service find themselves constantly battling to get to the truth.

The problem is that the only person with the answers is one of Sir Richard Crowthorne’s special agents, a bold Irish woman who is now injured and lost somewhere out in the Welsh countryside.

It means some ingenuity and inventiveness is required if she is to be found alive and the files recovered in time to hopefully prevent what is sure to be a major tragedy occurring.

The story ends on quite a cliffhanger….


Thursday October 15th – Washington DC, United States

“So we are all in agreement then” former US Senator William McCallister, the man at the head of the table confirmed to his colleagues, all gathered together in a clandestine meeting in an anonymous rented office building in the heart of the capital of the United States.

“We have the authority to proceed” another member of the meeting confirmed as he consulted the documentation he had in front of him, much of which bore the official emblem of the US Senate “All that is required is to tell our Russian friend to proceed and notify our English cousins.”

“Mr Hoskins” McCallister addressed Christopher Hoskins, an agent of the National Security Agency or NSA who was sat at the far end of the long table looking on with some expectancy “Are your teams ready to go?”

“The US side can be in place and active within forty eight hours, we have all the right people in the right places” he confirmed confidently “All we need to do is send them the magic word and we will have the place under our control.”

“That leaves just the overseas angle” the leader of the meeting confirmed “Probably the most important part of this whole project.”

“Our English friend has his people ready to go” Hoskins responded “Once the Russian and his sub-contractors enter play it should set off every alarm bell in the British Security Services, all we need to do is poke and prod in the right places at the right time and make sure they are suitably distracted.”

“Gentlemen, this is an historic day” McCallister declared triumphantly “A new era for global security and all with the blessing of the Senate and the UK Government and the best thing is neither will know anything about it until it is far too late.”

This remark prompted some deep laughing from the men and women present in the meeting which McCallister allowed to echo around the room for a few moments before politely raising his hand for quiet so he could continue.

“Very well then” he then declared “this is now a live project and your respective departments are now charged with delivering the goods.”

“I’ll get our Russian friend moving” Hoskins confirmed as he produced a telephone “Then we stir the pot until it is time for me to head over to merry old England and firmly nail shut the lid on the old ways of doing things.”

“Outstanding” McCallister proudly confirmed “In which case I declare this meeting adjourned. Good luck everyone not that we will need it and I will see you all in London in three weeks time.


Twenty Four Hours Later

Gatwick Airport, West Sussex, England

The man from the National Security & Police Service’s Custom and Excise Department adjusted his peaked cap as the private jet taxied to a halt just a few feet away.

Watching on for a few moments as the whine of the jet engines died down, he observed as the passenger door was opened and lowered to the ground before three men alighted onto the cold hard tarmac in front of the private aircraft reception area of the vast international airport.

“Good morning gentlemen” the Customs Officer declared as he stepped forward to greet the three men who had alighted from the aircraft, smartly dressed in business suits and carrying briefcases “If you will follow me please, I will have you processed through Immigration in just a few minutes.

The three men merely nodded in agreement and followed the Customs Officer into the building where they proceeded to a desk where they were asked to open their briefcases for an inspection and also produce their passports.

As per standard procedure, the passports of the three men were scanned on a flat glass screen set into the desk whereupon the details appeared on the computer screen in front of the Immigration Officer.

“What is the purpose of your visit Mr Kalikov?” the Immigration Officer inquired.

“A bit of business, a bit of pleasure” the leading man, a slightly tired looking gentleman in his late fifties admitted in a strong Russian accent “Hopefully more of the latter and less of the former.”

“And how long will you be staying in the UK Sir?” the Immigration Officer then asked as she made some notes.

“Three or four days, maybe up to a week” the man identified as Kalikov confirmed.

“Very well Sir” the Immigration Officer declared as having seen that the three passport identities had passed the computer analysis with no flags coming up she duly stamped them and handed them back “Welcome to the United Kingdom, enjoy your stay.”

“Thank you, I intend to” Kalikov responded with a grateful smile before he and his two colleagues departed the arrivals lounge and headed through a door into the bustling area of the main North Terminal.

The three men said nothing as they proceeded through the airport premises. They travelled on the monorail for the short journey to the South Terminal before making their way down to the railway station where they immediately boarded the second coach of a Class 460 Gatwick Express service that was waiting on platform one to depart with a service that would run non stop to London Victoria Station, a journey of some thirty five minutes.

Sitting back in the First Class section as the train began to depart, Kalikov relaxed in the seat and one of his associates a tall thin but potentially evil looking man clicked his fingers to attract the attention of the refreshment trolley host nearby who duly came over.

“The best champagne you have please” the tall man requested in a rather gruff voice that contrasted hugely with that of the leader of the group in that it came in a very distinct Welsh accent.

“Celebrating are we gentlemen?” the trolley host asked as she produced three half size bottles from the trolley’s refrigerated compartment along with some glasses.

“Oh indeed we are” Kalikov confirmed with a smile of pure delight “To the great project gentlemen” he declared in a toast “May everyone get what they so richly deserve.”


Three Minutes Later

Section Fourteen Operations Head Quarters – Below Horse Ferry Road, Westminster, London

Lieutenant Commander Lizzy Barrett had been recruited by Sir Richard Crowthorne to his specialist Section Fourteen agency just three weeks earlier direct from the Haychester Division of the National Security & Police Service. In that short time she had already built up quite a reputation as an excellent data analyst as well as field agent, this latter task made all the more easier being a fully trained Security Service officer and still in the uniform.

Today with the autumnal rain pouring down outside four floors above at street level, Barrett was quite thankful she was at her new desk working on some files that Sir Richard had earlier asked her to take a second look at but just as she was getting into the minutiae of what they contained, a red notification appeared and began to flash urgently on the computer screen just to her left.

“So much for a quiet morning” Barrett remarked as she turned in her seat towards the computer screen for a closer look but her relaxed attitude soon changed to one of far more urgency when she read what was on the screen.

“Well hello there…” she remarked with a raised eyebrow of surprise as she hit the print button and nearby the printer produced a two page paper based version of the notification she had just received.