Location-Based Management for Construction PDF

Location-Based Management for Construction pdf

Location-Based Management for Construction – With extensive case studies for illustration, this is a practitioner’s guide to an entirely new production system for construction management using flowline scheduling.

Covering the entire process of presenting a comprehensive management system from design, through measurement, scheduling, and visualization and control its emphasis is on reducing cost and increasing quality.

Drawing its components together into a management system, the authors not only include theory and explanations of how and why it works, but also examine and present a suite of methods for successful project implementation.

Perfect as a how-to guide for researchers and advanced construction students to discover the simple application of the new techniques, and invaluable for acquiring the practical tools for planning and controlling projects.

Book Review by Brian Lewis

This is not an easy book to read but it certainly is THE TEXT BOOK AUTHORITY on the Location Based Management scheduling system.

I imagine it will become required reading for project management courses in the construction industry and will be used by both students and professionals especially those who are interested in Building Information Modeling [BIM] and Integrated Project Delivery [IDP]. It took me four months to read the book, reading 4 or 5 pages a day on average. Some sections were more difficult to grasp than others where complex mathematical algorithms are explained for the serious student.

The book is set out very clearly and has a carefully designed structure taking the reader through basic scheduling systems before introducing location scheduling [LBS]. Principles are explained before specific applications and are followed by much needed examples.

Personally I would like to have seen a little more explanation of the use of LBS in the design process. Also I would like to have seen a glossary for the book and would recommend that readers make their own notes as you go along even though most of the terms are explained when used I found it difficult to remember the meaning of unfamiliar terms over my 4 month read and when I return to the book in months to come.

The use of LBS on projects can certainly offer many advantages, though I am a little skeptical about its use as an appropriate tool in less developed environments where there is not a reasonably effective construction capability and/or where the industry in inefficient.

Clearly LBS has a future in the construction industry, especially where BIM and IPD are gaining considerable popularity. The implication of LEAN and LEED strategies are all supported by the use of LBS. This book is a valuable resource and reference tool for anyone using LBS. I have my copy of VICO Control and I am dying to get started!

Review – Location-Based Management for Construction

Location Based Management for Construction: Planning, Schedulling and Control by Kenley and Seppännen is the new ‘Bible’ for learning about Location Based Techniques.”

– www.cad-addict.com

“This book is ideally suited for advanced scheduling courses and Masters level programmes where ‘beyond the basics’ can be covered.” 

– Construction Management and Economics

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