Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience PDF

Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience PDF

Download Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience PDF 2nd Edition – From Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience PDF: Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Neuroscience  presents essential coverage of this core basic science discipline within an integrated framework, bringing neuroanatomy and neurophysiology together and demonstrating how they are applied in a clinical context.

Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience PDF

It offers all the most popular features of the bestselling Lippincott Illustrated Reviews series, including abundant full-color, annotated illustrations, chapter overviews, an expanded outline format, chapter summaries, and review questions that link basic science to real-life clinical situations.

Features: Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience PDF

  • Master state-of-the-art neuroscience information through comprehensive updates reflecting the latest research.
  • Understand the practical applications of basic neuroanatomy and neurophysiology with expanded clinical examples throughout and NEW Clinical Cases at the end of each chapter that guide you to apply your knowledge to clinical scenarios.
  • Visualize neuroscience concepts more clearly with the aid of many new and improved full-color illustrations.
  • Review and assimilate large amounts of complex information via the Lippincott Illustrated Reviews series’ signature outline format.
  • Extend your learning online with access to animations and an interactive question bank.

Preface – Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience PDF

The brain has fascinated mankind for centuries and only in recent decades have we begun to unravel some of the mysteries of its function. Neuroscience has been a rapidly evolving field that continues to bring us new insights into the human brain. In the first edition of this book, our mission was to streamline this complex information and make it accessible to newcomers while still including new and exciting developments. We have built on and extended this mission in our second edition. Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience

We continue to endeavor to make the complex information in both foundational and clinical neuroscience accessible to readers at all levels. We have updated the neuroscience information according to the latest research and have expanded the clinical examples to highlight the functional importance and applicability of the basic neuroanatomy and neurophysiology that are at the core of the book. An exciting addition is the inclusion of clinical case studies that guide the readers to apply their knowledge to a clinical scenario. Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience PDF

Finally, we have revised many of our figures and added new ones to illustrate all of the key concepts presented. Overall, this book provides the most up-to-date information within an integrated framework, bringing together neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and the clinical context in which they are applied. Undergraduate and graduate science students, medical and dental students, students in rehabilitation sciences and nursing, residents, and practitioners will find that foundational science concepts are brought from bench to bedside.

Table of Content

Unit 1 – Introduction and Overview
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Nervous System and Basic Neurophysiology
Chapter 2: Overview of the Central Nervous System
Chapter 3: Overview of the Peripheral Nervous System
Chapter 4: Overview of the Visceral Nervous System
Unit II – Spinal Cord, Brainstem, and Tracts
Chapter 5: The Spinal Cord – Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience PDF
Chapter 6: Overview and Organization of the Brainstem
Chapter 7: Ascending Sensory Tracts
Chapter 8: Descending Motor Tracts
Unit III – Brainstem Systems and Cranial Nerves
Chapter 9: Control of Eye Movements
Chapter 10: Sensory and Motor Innervation of the Head and Neck
Chapter 11: Hearing and Balance
Chapter 12: Brainstem Systems and Review
Unit IV – Higher Cortical Function
Chapter 13: The Cerebral Cortex
Chapter 14: The Thalamus
Chapter 15: The Visual System
Unit V – Motor Control Systems
Chapter 16: The Basal Ganglia
Chapter 17: The Cerebellum
Chapter 18: The Integration of Motor Control
Unit VI – Memory, Emotion/Motivation, and Homeostasis
Chapter 19: The Hypothalamus
Chapter 20: The Limbic System
Chapter 21: Smell and Taste
Chapter 22: Pain

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