Line Loss Analysis and Calculation of Electric Power Systems

Line Loss Analysis and Calculation of Electric Power Systems PDF

Line Loss Analysis – A guide for the line loss calculation and analysis of power systems, this book describes the research history of the loss factor method, its latest developments, and analyzes power loss variation. The authors provide a systematic introduction of the line loss calculation of power system components as well as high and low voltage networks.

Important topics include calculation of loss allocation and power supply incremental optimization allocation, line loss rate forecasting and loss reduction planning, multi-section electricity price structure and a variety of technical loss reduction measures. Using China’s State Grid Corporation as an example, the book also discusses the impact of line loss on grid operation and the application of line loss mass information.

• Establishes a rigorous and complete theory of line loss calculation using probability theory and mathematical analysis

• Provides solutions to difficulties in calculating the line loss of high-voltage power grids

• Features a new method of high voltage power loss allocation with numerical examples

• Includes practical, real-world examples illustrating a variety of loss reduction measures

Written by an experienced engineer and an academic, Line Loss Analysis and Calculation of Electric Power Systems is intended for practicing engineers and advanced students in power engineering. Professionals in the fields of high-voltage analysis and power grid operation will also find this useful.

Presents the fundamentals and calculation of transmission line losses, their reduction, and economic implications

• Written by a very experienced expert in this field
• Introduces various technical measures for loss reduction, and appended with a large number of examples
• Offers a progressive and systematic approach to various aspects of the problems
• A timely and original book to meet the challenges of power and grid industry development

About the Author

Anguan WuNorth China Electric Power University, China

Baoshan NiZhejiang University, China

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