Like a Lion by Cole McCade Pdf

Download Like a Lion by Cole McCade Pdf book free. ABOUT THIS EPISODE. A new homicide case raises a question with no clear answer: Who is the victim? When a charred body is recovered inside a burned-out car, before Malcolm and Seong-Jae can solve the case they must first trace the victim’s identity. False plates. ID missing. Teeth pulled from the skull.

The victim’s killers knew exactly how to hide their tracks, but careful forensics work and two stubborn detectives mean the name of the dead won’t remain buried for long. A name for a name. Will the dead speak, then, and cry out for the one who killed him? Or whisper secrets that may take this case deeper — and uncover truths someone would kill to keep buried? ABOUT SEASON THREE. It’s back home to Baltimore and the BPD for Detectives Malcolm Khalaji and Seong-Jae Yoon — where more waits for them than old friends, new cases, and Swabbie’s seasoned goat cheese fries. Working the homicide beat may be a welcome return to normalcy, but there’s trouble brewing beneath the surface…in more ways than one. A string of cop killings whipping the BPD into a frenzy. A city on fire against police violence. A hidden collaboration behind the scenes of Baltimore’s underworld. A deadly plot to claim power. And a shattering introduction into Malcolm’s personal life, which could break his heart. Malcolm and Seong-Jae have held each other together through thick and thin. And in our third and final season, we’ll discover how strong their bonds truly are.


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