Life Support by Tess Gerritsen Pdf

Life Support by Tess Gerritsen Pdf

Download Life Support by Tess Gerritsen Pdf book free online. In an emergency room, Dr. Toby Harper works the night shift. She stays home alone herself during the day to care for her Alzheimer’s-stricken mother. Toby is the only one who becomes suspicious enough to look into the deaths of senior Alzheimer’s patients from the same retirement home when they begin to occur mysteriously. She consequently realizes that her mother, herself, and her own sanity are all under danger. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

About the Author

Harvest, Tess’s first medical thriller, debuted on the New York Times bestseller list when it was published in hardcover in 1996. Since then, she has published the thrillers Life Support (1997), Bloodstream (1998, UK title: Keeping the Dead), Gravity (1999), The Surgeon (2001), The Apprentice (2002), The Sinner (2003), Body Double (2004), Vanish (2005), The Mephisto Club (2006), The Bone Garden (2007), The Keepsake (2008), Ice Cold (2010), The Silent Girl (2011), Last To Die (2012), Die Again (2014), Playing With Fire (2015), and I Know A Secret (2017). More than 30 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide, where they have been published in forty different countries.

Her books have consistently ranked among the top three bestsellers both domestically and internationally. She has received both the Rita Award and the Nero Wolfe Award (for Vanish) (for The Surgeon). The Philadelphia Inquirer described her books as “Pulse-pounding pleasure” while the Toronto Globe and Mail described them as “Scary and smart” with “Polished, captivating prose” (Chicago Tribune). She is known as the “medical suspense queen,” according to Publisher Weekly.

Download Life Support by Tess Gerritsen Pdf