Leytonstone By John M Upton PDF

Download Leytonstone By John M Upton PDF book free online – From Leytonstone By John M Upton PDF: Franklin Rogers, the self proclaimed ‘Lord of Leytonstone’ is back, freed from jail on an apparent technicality and with his records wiped clean.

The most ruthless, violent and dangerous gangland criminal box in the history of London’s organised crime community is back home and he wants to get back to business.

But first some revenge is planned and you can bet both he and his minions have the determination, the backing and the finance to carry it out.

It all spells potential disaster for those who thought he was long since gone, none more so than the Security & Police Service officer who risked her life years ago to put that man away.

At one time planned to be the last episode of the series thanks to its dramatic conclusion, this carries on from the previous two episodes by bringing us into the world of Franklin Rogers, the so called ‘Lord of Leytonstone’ as he goes on a revengeful rampage with it appears a lot of protection from high up and no one prepared to stop him.

Featuring a dramatic and near fatal sequence in Trafalgar Square that can only be described as a watershed moment in the series, this is one of the most tense and nerve jangling entries in the series.
Even I was on the edge of my seat as I wrote it as I still did not finally decide until the very last minute how it would end.


The Right Honourable Sir Harold Bolton QC adjusted his judicial wig with a slightly apprehensive look before looking down at the written judgement before him. It was a statement to the court he hoped he would never have to make and as those in the courtroom returned to their seats, he cleared his throat and prepared to announce the result of the appeal.

“Will the defendants please stand” Sir Harold declared with an authoritative tone whereupon seven men stood up along with their extensive legal team.

“Following extensive assessment of the evidence submitted by the defence solicitors, and having taken advice from the Home Office, this appeal court makes the following findings” he declared “Henry Davenport , Ian Heaton, Richard Burrows, David Rawton, Andrew Rawton, Simon Smith and finally Franklin Rogers” Sir Harold addressed the defendants, the most prominent of which was the tall and very dominant figure of Rogers who looked on with a confident expression “The charges on which you were convicted were found to be based primarily on DNA evidence that was gathered by the authorities using methods that have now been proven to be unreliable.”

The defendant’s looks were getting more smug by the moment as the reading out of the verdict continued.

“As this DNA evidence formed the vast majority of the case against the defendants, this court rules that the convictions on all charges can now only be considered as unsafe and are therefore quashed” Sir Harold announced with a notable tone of regret as he was fully aware of the reputations of the men standing before him “You are all therefore free to go.”

There was a mixed loud uproar in the courtroom as the defendants loudly and brashly celebrated whilst up in the gallery some people reacted with a look of utter horror at the events unfolding below.

“This court is adjourned!” Sir Harold was forced to raise his voice above the din in the room “and may God have mercy upon our souls” he added under his breath, fully realising the implications and potential outcome of the verdict he had just announced.

“Yes!!” Franklin Rogers declared with his arms raised in triumph as he led the way down to the custody area ahead of his colleagues in order to sign the paperwork and gather their belongings prior to their official release which was now but a few minutes away.

Accompanying the freed defendants down the narrow corridor was their equally jubilant legal team which consisted of some of the most well known not to mention expensive defense lawyers in the country.

“Can I have some order please!” the duty custody supervisor called loudly over the commotion as the crowd filed into the administration area of the Court of Appeal.

“Hush!” Rogers called out “The man wants a word” he declared and with his power and influence everyone duly fell silent.

“Err thank you” the custody supervisor continued “If the defendants could sign for their belongings and release forms in alphabetical order of surname please.”

“Which one?” one of the men joked which resulted in more raucous laughter breaking out before the men proceeded one by one to sign the appropriate paperwork that signalled the final act of their incarceration.

“We have a full press conference set up for outside the main entrance and your people are waiting for you” Rogers leading defence lawyer McWilliam confirmed as the formalities were completed.

“Excellent, I think it is time I made a proper return to public life” Rogers declared, rubbing his hands with anticipation.

“Also the Security Service will be providing an escort for you and your associates to Leytonstone on account of the potential safety risk due to the intensive press interest” McWilliam added with a wry chuckle.

“Oh don’t you just love the irony” Rogers agreed with a big grin as he and the others were shown outside where a group of four seemingly identical looking large heavily built body guards with typical shaven heads, black suits and dark glasses were waiting to escort them.

“Morning lads” Rogers greeted his body guards “I do hope in my prolonged absence you haven’t lost any of your edge.”

“Don’t worry sir” one of the body guards confidently confirmed “We can still handle pretty much everything.”

“In which case” Rogers declared with clear enthusiastic anticipation “I think it is time I met the press.”

Outside the main entrance to the Royal Courts of Justice, there was a scene of utter pandemonium as the press and the general public jostled for position whilst numerous Security Service officers tried their best to maintain order.

The fervour reached fever pitch however when Rogers, arms aloft and waving in triumph appeared from the main entrance, two body guards each side of him in an almost ceremonial escort whilst the remaining jubilant defendants followed closely behind.

“Please, I would like to make a statement” Rogers called, having to raise his voice as he was hit with a barrage of questions from the press as he reached the line of photographers and journalist’s.

“How do you feel about your success?” one question was thrown at him that took Rogers attention.

“Vindicated, victorious, justified” Rogers declared with obvious determination “Today’s verdict is not just a victory for myself and my friends” he indicated his associates lined up behind him “It is a victory for a judicial system that for too long has become mired in ridiculous mediocrity and dominated by over zealous law enforcement agencies bent on missions of subterfuge and disinformation against honest businessmen and citizens such as myself and many others who still remain languishing in prisons across the country in travesties of justice that seem to be standard practice in today’s corrupt society.”

“What are your plans now?” another reporter asked as the clicking of camera shutters with their accompanying flash bulbs going off seemed to reach a crescendo.

“For myself and my innocent colleagues” Rogers confirmed “I fully intend to spend today celebrating over some very fine vintage champagne, smoke a very large cigar and then tomorrow morning it is back to business, I have a lot of catching up to do so if ladies and gentlemen you will excuse me, I have a party to go to.”

With that Rogers and his associates moved forward through the throngs of the press which with the bodyguards leading the way had the effect of accelerating the clamour to the point where they had to force their way through to the waiting pair of black Range Rovers that were ready to take them to Leytonstone.

Indeed such was the media scrum that as Rogers attempted to get in the front of his car one of the body guards was forced to grab one tabloid reporter roughly by the scruff of the neck and drag him away, punching him firmly for good measure.

Finally after a lot of commotion and chaos all of them were inside the vehicles whereupon with an official Security Service motorcycle escort to guide them away from the throngs, they set off up Whitehall and away.


“Amazing scenes outside the Old Bailey this afternoon” the BBC reporter confirmed with an air of controlled excitement as he reported from outside the famous court house in the heart of the City of London as behind him journalists jostled for the best position to photograph a group of triumphant looking men leaving by the main door.

“After nine years in jail, Franklin Rogers, dubbed by the popular media as the ‘Lord of Leytonstone’ has been released from a term of five consecutive life sentences on appeal after DNA evidence used to originally convict him and seven other members of his notorious north east London gang was ruled inadmissible by Judge Sir Harold Bolton QC just half an hour ago.”

“Oh hell…” Sir Hugo Carnforth, the Attorney General remarked from behind his desk as he watched the unfolding events on the television in his office before turning it off and reaching across the desk to the intercom to speak to his Personal Assistant.