Letters From A Mistress by Jasmine Dubois PDF

Letters From A Mistress by by Jasmine Dubois PDF

Download Letters From A Mistress by Jasmine Dubois PDF book free. What would you do if you received an email from your husband’s mistress?
Alina swore in the last novel that she would make sure her children would find a man such as Lucas, and ensure they had their happy ever afters. Now her only child is grown, and the series continues with her daughter, Violet.
Violet inherits the Frost empire hospitals—an empire built after World War II by her grandparents.

The bequeath would only make sense since Violet is a neurosurgeon, following her mother’s passion for healing the unwell. CEO of the company is James, Violet’s husband of fifteen years. Violet is sure she has met her forever love in James. The couple marries, much to Alina’s dismay, and we begin this story fifteen years into their marriage. James seems to be spending more time away from home, citing work, overseas meetings, and the like as an excuse. To an unsuspecting wife, that would seem plausible; he is responsible for a multitude of hospitals, and business meetings come with the territory. While she is having lunch with her cousins, she is blindsided by an email his mistress wrote to her, announcing her presence. Violet must do everything right to ensure a future for herself and her company. She consults a lawyer and starts divorce proceedings, realizing that the debt accumulated against the company was used by James to fund his mistress’s reality show. Violet’s world is again rocked by the discovery of her pregnancy. Is this baby what’s needed to repair their marriage? How does James react to the news? Will Violet decide to go ahead with the divorce after another bomb is dropped on her world? This story portrays the roller-coaster of emotions one goes through when everything one comes to believe in is shattered. Sometimes we have to trust in our intuition when things seem to be off and listen to others who warn us ahead of time. Love can cloud the senses, but others not so close to the situation can sometimes see things that we cannot.