Leo’s Captive by Sandra R Neeley PDF

Leo's Captive by Sandra R Neeley PDF

Download Leo’s Captive by Sandra R Neeley PDF book free online. It’s been twenty years since the event known as ‘The Convergence’ occurred and changed the world. Life on Earth has changed — for some more drastically than for others.

Jocelyn didn’t ascribe to her family’s ‘doomsayer’ philosophies. The Convergence was not the end of the world in her opinion, rather, it opened the door for endless opportunities. And now, she’d finally broken free of both the California Wild Lands, and her family’s ideology. Granted, a job on the cleaning crew at the air force base, was not the opportunity she’d always dreamed of, but it was a step toward it. She was meeting people — of all species — and she was standing on her own in the world, ready for the next step. The next step, however, was not supposed to be the entire base in lock down, searching for her, as she desperately looked for a way to escape.

Kasar understood exactly how he’d been coerced into being the lead negotiator with Earth. But that didn’t make him any happier about it. He didn’t want their natural resources, their pathetic technology, or any of their females as a mate, and he especially didn’t want to be here. He’d maintained his stance that Earth should be left on their own due to their self-destructive nature, despite the fact that his opinions had fallen on deaf ears. Now, though, a human female has assassinated a superior officer on the base his delegation is currently visiting, both proving his point, and effectively ending negotiations. At least he’s finally on his way home, and looking forward to getting back to life as he knows it. It shouldn’t be long until he arrives, unless of course he’s blown out of orbit for assisting the murderous female he’s just found hiding on his ship!

Download Leo’s Captive by Sandra R Neeley PDF


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