Lectures in International Finance by Giovanni Piersanti

Download Lectures in International Finance by Giovanni Piersanti book free online – from Lectures in International Finance by Giovanni Piersanti book; This note covers the following topics: The Foreign Exchange Market, Currency Derivatives and Options Markets, The Balance of Payments Accounts, The Theory of Exchange Rates.

The modern literature on currency, banking and sovereign payments crises includes a set of models for understanding the role of the Önancial sector in the build-up to crisis vulnerability. These models are now collected under the heading of “balance sheet approach” to Önancial crises and provides a powerful analytical framework for exploring how
balance sheet weaknesses in one sector can a§ect balance sheets in other sectors and give rise to a broader crisis.

When studying international Önance which is, broadly speaking, concerned with the monetary and macroeconomic relations between countries, a number of special problems arise. Many of these problems are due to the use of different currencies in different countries and the consequent need to exchange them. Rates of exchange between currencies are set by a variety of arrangements and both rates and arrangements are subject to change. Furthermore, exchange-rate
changes can have sizable effects on balance-of-payments, economic activity, and policy strategy of the countries involved.


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