Lecture Notes Neurology PDF 9th Edition

Lecture Notes Neurology PDF

Download Lecture Notes Neurology PDF book free 9th Edition – From Lecture Notes Neurology: Now in two colours throughout, this new edition of Lecture Notes: Neurology contains the core neurological information required, whichever branch of clinical medicine you choose. Reflecting current clinical practice, the latest advances in the diagnosis and management of neurological diseases are concisely covered. Buy from Amazon

Lecture Notes Neurology PDF

The book is divided into two parts. The Neurological Approach looks at neurological history taking. The neurological examination is then discussed in detail – consciousness, cognitive function, vision and other cranial nerves, motor function, sensation and autonomic function. In part two, Neurological Disorders, the common neurological conditions are described, along with neurological emergencies and neuro-rehabilitation. Featuring a self-assessment section, and with clinical scenario and key points boxes throughout, Lecture Notes: Neurology is ideal for medical students, junior doctors, and specialist nurses who want a concise introduction to clinical neurology that can be used as a core text or as a revision resource. 


Preface to the ninth edition.

Preface to the seventh edition.

Acknowledgements. – Lecture Notes Neurology PDF


1 Neurological history taking.

2 Consciousness.

3 Cognitive function.

4 Vision and other cranial nerves.

5 Motor function.

6 Sensation.

7 Autonomic function.

8 Investigating the patient.


9 Headache and facial pain.

10 Epilepsy. – Lecture Notes Neurology

11 Stroke.

12 Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

13 Neurosurgical topics: head injury and brain tumour.

14 Neurological infections.

15 Spinal conditions.

16 Multiple sclerosis.

17 Nerve and muscle.

18 Development and degeneration.

19 Neurology and other medical specialities.

20 Neurological emergencies. – Lecture Notes Neurology

21 Neurorehabilitation.

Multiple choice questions.

Answers to multiple choice questions.


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Dr Lionel Ginsberg is Consultant Neurologist, Royal Free Hospital, London; Honorary Consultant Physician, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London; Clinical Sub-Dean and Welfare Tutor, Royal Free Campus, University College London Medical School, London

Download Lecture Notes Neurology PDF

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