Learn Kotlin Programming in Ten Minutes

Ever wondered how you can get started learning Kotlin in a few hours? How is it possible to learn a programming language in just ten minutes? With the information below, you will be able to understand how. Learn about what Kotlin is and why learning it might benefit your career.

Learn Kotlin Programming in Ten Minutes

Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language that runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It was developed by Jet Brains Company, which has also built tools for developers that are used by more than 100 million programmers around the world. Main tools include IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, TeamCity and etc…They provide support for most modern development technologies; support of the Android development environment is available via plugin or with a special Android Studio edition. Kotlin is intended to be an industrial-strength object-oriented language, and a “better language” than Java according to the insight of Google engineers who participate in the development of Kotlin.

Why you should learn it 

In March 2017 Angular team has made a decision to abandon the usage of Typescript and start using Kotlin as a primary tool for the development of their framework. In addition, Kotlin is endorsed by many other corporations such as Netflix etc… It means that even though Jet Brains do provide a tool for Android development, they don’t have anything special coming out of their ass, suggesting also that this programming language may become widely used by developers all over the world soon enough. You can consult with the RemoteDBA administrators

How can you start learning? 

Kotlin code is compatible with Java, which means that you only need to know the basics of Java in order to start learning Kotlin. Start by checking the “Introduction to programming” course – this will give you insight into basic concepts of Object-Oriented Programming and teach you about fundamental pieces of every computer program. Once you are done with it, check out another great tutorial on Kotlin – “Learn how to create your first Android app”. Even if you never programmed before – don’t be afraid! This course was designed for complete beginners so even if you have no idea how stuff work, once again – do not worry because everything will be explained later on.


Is Kotlin difficult to learn?

If you are a huge fan of Java, then learning Kotlin might be a little bit challenging. It is because new coding concepts that are introduced in the new programming language are different from your current knowledge of object-oriented programming. That being said, if you are familiar with some other languages – learning Kotlin will take you less than an hour! Additionally, documentation and lessons prepared by Jet Brains were created for complete beginners so it means even if you don’t have any previous experience with programming languages – nothing will stop you from starting right now!

Universally useful programming

As the name proposes it is comprehensive material across every one of the spaces. For instance, Java, Python, C, C++ and a lot more are on the whole broadly useful programming dialects.

Returning to the definition I think at this point you have perceived the meaning of Kotlin and the subsequent stage is the place where is it utilized? Kotlin is utilized for Android improvement

Useful programming

Java has support for useful programming however it’s just accessible in Java 8, while most Android improvement is finished with Java 6 and 7.

Kotlin is a blend of useful and procedural programming that comprises of numerous valuable techniques, for example, lambdas, higher-request capacities, languid assessment, and so on A large portion of these strategies are not presented for Android designers in Java 8.

Can I still use Java while learning Kotlin?

Yes, definitely! This is one of the main advantages of using Kotlin instead of switching to Scala – your choice. That being the case, you can use Kotlin and Java at the same time! So even though you haven’t learned Kotlin yet, you can still start using it and later on check documentation and tutorials in order to understand how stuff works.

Kotlin vs Java 

As mentioned before, Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language that runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). If we compare Kotlin with Java – the differences between them are very subtle because both of these languages implement object-oriented approaches. Basic syntaxes are really similar which means that if you know java – learning kotlin will take you less than an hour! Documentation was designed for complete beginners so even if this is your first day as a programmer, you won’t have any problems! 


In conclusion, learning Kotlin takes less than an hour if you are familiar with java. It is a statically-typed programming language that runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). In addition, it provides support for most modern development technologies and additionally Jet Brains provide us with great official documentation that was created especially for complete beginners.

The main examples of companies that use Kotlin include Netflix and Pinterest while the last one recommends usage of this tool for new developers as well. It shows that even though Kotlin is still in the development process – it is here to stay which means there’s no better time to start learning something new today! 

Your journey has just begun but after finishing the previous steps you will most likely have a good understanding of what is going on in the programming world. You can now proceed with learning more about Kotlin Code and start developing your own applications in near future! In case you find any challenge when trying to learn Kotlin – do not hesitate to ask for help! 


Capacities are a square of coordinated and reusable code that is utilized to play out a solitary errand. In Kotlin to make a capacity, you need to utilize the pleasant watchword, and next characterizing the information sorts of info that the capacity takes, and afterwards, at long last, you need to return the result of the capacity.

Kotlin Course – Tutorial For Beginners

This is a two-hour brief instructional exercise for amateurs on YouTube by freeCodeCamp.org to show you right from the essential control stream to capacities and article arranged programming in Kotlin. Since it is facilitated on YouTube, it won’t contain practice meetings to test your learning. Be that as it may, for somebody who as of now has programming language experience and can embrace new ideas rapidly, this can be a decent beginning stage. In addition, to investigate Kotlin prior to taking inside and out courses, this instructional exercise will give you an outline of the open-source programming language. 

Kotlin Notes For Professionals

Kotlin Notes For Professionals book contains 37 sections on pretty much every subject of the programming language to help you in rapidly reconsidering or relooking for codes and approaches. The book acts more like a scratch pad of each idea of the Kotlin programming language. You can skip making notes while learning as this book effectively pens down your learning. Keeping this helpful will make your life more straightforward as you can rapidly allude to the idea at whatever point you really want and review the learning of different procedures.

Kotlin For Developers on Java Courser by Jet Brains

This 25-hour seminar on Courser takes special care of the Java designers who need to switch their Android improvement language. It covers the essential grammar, nullability, utilitarian and item situated programming. Since it doesn’t cover every one of the basics yet Java ideas, for the most part, it isn’t great for an outright fledgling. It expects earlier information on the Java programming language.

Why engineers favour Kotlin for Android advancement

In 2019, Google reported that the Kotlin programming language is currently its favoured language for Android application advancement, rather than Java. For a ton of designers, this is a much-needed refresher. Java, for every one of its assets, has its portion of naysayers also. Along these lines, the following are a couple of motivations behind why engineers are doing the change to Kotlin.

What to realize straightaway

Since you have some fundamental agreement, you can continue on to more perplexing ideas.

To find a workable pace quick, look at Educative’s Kotlin Crash Course for Programmers. you’ll realize all the language rudiments including variable assertions, information types and the sort framework to conditions, circles, capacities, and exemption taking care of.

Before the finish of the course, you’ll have the involved experience you’ll have to make your own Kotlin applications.

Building present-day Android applications utilizing the Kotlin programming language

If the staggering utilization of Kotlin at the new Google I/O gathering is any sign, Kotlin isn’t simply an upheld language for Android; it’s the true norm. Its mix of item direction and strong useful elements prompts more modest, more improved applications. Kotlin additionally gives an assortment of augmentation libraries explicitly intended to improve on Android advancement, and the authority Android IDE, Android Studio, is delivered by the very organization that controls the language, so IDE support is likewise amazing.

The development of Kotlin as an Android improvement language has been dangerous. Assuming that you are creating for Android gadgets, you really want to become alright with the language, both for the local turn of events and in light of the fact that an ever-increasing number of instructional exercises and backing libraries are taking on it. 


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