Learn ECG in a Day: A Systematic Approach

Learn ECG in a Day A Systematic Approach PDF

Download Learn ECG in a Day – This book Learn ECG in Day provides a systematic approach towards interpretation of ECG, i.e., where to start from and how to go through the ECG strip without missing a finding practically when a medico is faced with an ECG strip.

The book is mainly focused on practical aspects, simple methods of approach and its application to interpret ECG in a clinical scenario. Covers topics related to explanation of three dimensional concepts of ECG, systematic interpretation of ECG, detection of site of myocardial infarction and detection of artery infarcted with help of ECG.

This book covers more than 100 illustrations and images for better understanding the concept. Contents are arranged as for the convenience of the reader under the headings: criteria, concept, cause and clinical features which make it easy to recall.

The elimination of unwanted details covers carefully without compromising the clarity of expression, making interpretation of ECG friendly. This book useful to medical students, house surgeons, initial years of postgraduate students, paramedics, nursing students and anyone in a clinical setting with day-to-day practice who would like to brush up his ECG interpretation skills.

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  • Dr Abdul Hakim(Quraishi)

    when i click on Learn ECG in a day book download link the page is open but the download option is not present and I am not able to download this book if some one send me this book download link this will be great help with my vial this mail: [email protected]