Lead with Imagination by Brian Paradis PDF

Lead with Imagination by Brian Paradis PDF

Download Lead with Imagination by Brian Paradis PDF book free online. Ever since he was in college, Brian Paradis has been intrigued by the question, “What does imagination have to do with leadership?” For thirty years, he studied this puzzle as he honed his business and leadership skills, and one thing became crystal clear: imagination has a powerful influence on leadership. The compelling combination of leader + imagination = an opportunity to unleash all kinds of potential.

The world is increasingly complex, knowledge is advancing at an unfathomable rate, and the problems in our world seem unsolvable. Organizations are in near constant and disruptive transition, and the cultures that define them are disconnected, disaffected, and divisive. Too many leaders show up to work wondering if any of it matters. We are “smarter” than any generation in history, but that isn’t the problem. The problem is imagination is not advancing at the same pace. But where there’s a closed door, there’s an open window of opportunity for those willing to walk through, to take a risk, and see what others don’t. 

Lead with Imagination promises three returns on your investment of time from reading it:

  • You will be inspired by the possibilities and strengthened against the challenges. 
  • You will gain power and confidence to imagine, create, and innovate. We are all born with innate imagination and curiosity—learn how to use it. 
  • You will release your fullest potential and help release the potential of those you lead.

We all learned as kindergarteners to assimilate quickly by giving the teacher (society) the desired answer, and to “fit in.” That colored our thinking from that moment forward and restricted our thinking and use of imagination. 

But now, it’s time to color outside the lines. 

Download Lead with Imagination by Brian Paradis PDF


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