Lake Season by Denise Hunter Pdf

Lake Season by Denise Hunter Pdf

Download Lake Season by Denise Hunter Pdf book free online. Molly Bennett and her siblings band together to realize their parents’ ambition of reopening their historic Bluebell, North Carolina home as an inn when they pass away tragically in an accident. Staying in town would only be for a limited time—three years at most—after which they intend to sell the inn, allowing Molly to resume pursuing her own aspirations. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Best-selling author Nathaniel Quinn’s alter ego, Adam Bradford, is a recluse novelist who is suffering from severe writer’s block. He goes to the location of his upcoming novel, a lake town in North Carolina, in a desperate attempt to find inspiration as his deadline draws near. A young innkeeper who believes she is in love with his alter ego is his muse, whom he encounters there.

Adam and Molly get along well right away. Molly and Adam set out on a quest to track down the star-crossed lovers and provide them with the closure they deserve after discovering a long-lost letter in the inn’s walls. Adam, however, is not yet ready to reveal his secrets. As secrets come to light, the past and present collide, forcing Molly and Adam to determine whether or not love is worth believing.

About the Author

Three of Denise Hunter’s books have been turned into original Hallmark Channel movies. She is an internationally bestselling author of more than 40 books. She is a finalist for the RITA and has won the Holt Medallion Award, Reader’s Choice Award, Carol Award, Foreword Book of the Year Award, and Reader’s Choice Award. Denise likes to travel with her family, sip chai lattes, and play the drums when she isn’t organizing love lives on paper. Denise resides in Indiana with her husband, where they had three boys. They currently enjoy having an empty nest and two lovely grandchildren.

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