Lady In Red By Bradley Pearce PDF

Download Lady In Red By Bradley Pearce PDF book free online – From Lady In Red By Bradley Pearce PDF: A futuristic apocalyptic thriller. Centering on a Prodigy, a New York detective and the New World Order. Secretary of State, Augustus Braun has plan to eradicate much of the world’s population. Seth is working for the Order to develop a vaccine against a virus to protect the Order’s Chosen. Secretly he is developing his own deadly virus. Kristina, a New York Detective by day, by night she moonlights as an exotic dancer. Worlds collide as she investigates connected deaths. One that involves Braun’s son, Nero. Seth’s life becomes entangled with Kristina’s. Both reluctant to admit they are falling in love. Should he tell her of his deadly plan? The end is nigh …


All of us are capable of killing someone. Or at least wishing someone was dead. Few of us are capable of killing everyone. Or at least wishing everyone was dead. Seth Adison was such a person.

On the rare occasion his parents had sex, Seth’s mother fell pregnant.  At conception, his soul descended from heaven. But while other souls settled on the earthly plane. His would continue to the bowels of the earth. There it would encountered God’s greatest critic. The Devil. There the Devil would fill the empty vessel with an all empowering knowledge. Before releasing it vertically to fuse with the embryo that lay waiting in his mother’s womb.

Knowledge is a power. With it, one can create anything. With it, one can destroy everything. Oppenheimer had proven testimony to that. Freewill, the covenant between God and the Devil, would ensure neither would interfere hence forth. Would the seed grow to the light? Or would it grow to the darkness? Would it bloom to a tender flower? Or would it flourish to a prickly thorn?
Seth would be passed between nannies. Then between Private Schools. And finally between the Ivy League Colleges of Princeton and Harvard. As a child he exhibited autistic traits. These would pass with time and be dismissed as a misdiagnosis. Seth would never really know his parents who travelled from one social retreat to another. Seth was but a photograph in a frame. Never experiencing love. Only the isolation from those that should.

Nothing was beyond Seth’s intelligence. Or eventual knowledge. He knew things without knowing why. It was as if he had lived a former life but had not left the memory of it behind. A prodigy and insanely intelligent. Initially this made it difficult for him to assimilate with others. But as he grew older, he assimilated of the world about him. And silently blended into society. As if he was one of them. Which he was not.

There is a fine line between genius and insanity. As history has shown. Seth was being paid by the Order and as such, he would be considered a genius. With multiple Doctorates in Bio-chemistry from Princeton and Advanced Software Engineering from Harvard. His unique record had attracted the attention of a secret research agency. Background checks revealed his father, despite being a retired Wall Street Merchant Banker, had no criminal convictions. His mother, despite being a member of a Baptist Church group, had no ties to al-Qaeda. Seth’s revealed him to be a loner. With no political nor religious beliefs. Appearing on no one’s radar, but the Agency’s. Invisible to the outside world. Beneficial, yet expendable. The perfect candidate to head an elite research team at the clandestine laboratory in New York.

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