Kiss of Tragedy By Stephanie Van Orman Pdf

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Kiss of Tragedy By Stephanie Van Orman Pdf

Download Kiss of Tragedy By Stephanie Van Orman Pdf book free online – from Kiss of Tragedy By Stephanie Van Orman Pdf book; At age 18, Juliet looks as innocent as a spring morning. It would be such a shame if someone were to spoil her, but that is exactly what Juliet hopes for as she joins an occult club at her university. They’ll only let her join if she’s willing to ‘hunt’ the campus vampire, Seth. If only he were what he seemed. If only she didn’t dream of death and blood whenever he kissed her. If only she could piece together the clues before it was everlastingly too late.


“Do you believe in vampires?”

Elise sat on the end of the bed painting her fingernails. She shook her head like she was bored and answered drolly, “You have got to be kidding me. Who actually believes in something like that?”

Juliet hadn’t been expecting Elise to be very enthusiastic, but her tone was much less than that. “I guess nobody does.” Disappointed, Juliet got up and headed back to her own dorm room.

“Wait!” Elise shouted after her. “Why are you asking? Is some sicko trying to take advantage of you by saying he’s a vampire or something?”

Juliet stopped at the door and thought for a second. Something interesting had happened that afternoon—not what Elise thought—but something. Juliet had been gearing herself up to share the story, but now she was uncertain. She didn’t want to be ridiculed. For her, it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance and if she told Elise, who obviously would not understand the uniqueness of it, the experience would lose its sparkle. It wasn’t like they knew each other very well. It was their first year in university and Elise’s room was next door to Juliet’s in their dormitory, Lister Hall. It was nice that they got along well enough to support each other through the hectic month of September, especially living in dorms, but once they had settled into their respective grooves, Juliet wasn’t sure if they were very compatible after all. Elise was on the volleyball team, while Juliet was trying to find a different kind of group to join.
“Come on,” Elise urged. “Did you meet somebody?”

Juliet frowned. She didn’t want to tell Elise anymore, but she had to tell someone. The story was a like a hundred dollar bill burning a hole in her pocket. She had to spend it. She sat back down on the bed. “Well, I went down to the Student Group office after class to see if there was an interesting group I could join.”

“Huh,” Elise said, perking up a little. “Did you find anything?”

“Sort of,” Juliet said, chewing on her cheek. “There are a lot more student groups here than I thought there were. So, I was sitting in the Student Group’s office perusing the list.”

“And?” Elise asked impatiently. “What does this have to do with vampires?”

“And this guy came in.”

Elise screwed the lid back on her nail polish. “As I thought. There’s always a guy.”

“Fine. Yes, there is always a guy,” Juliet said, sorry that she had even begun to confide in Elise. She had been absolutely right, the fun of telling the story was lost and she hadn’t even got to the good part. “Yep, that’s right,” Juliet continued, getting up and heading back to the door. “I saw a guy in the Student Group office that was so hot I was totally reminded of Louis in Interview with the Vampire. End of story. Thanks for listening.”

“Hey!” Elise called after Juliet, who closed the door behind her.

Once safely back in her own room, Juliet locked the door and sat down at her desk. Sometimes no one understood her. No one except her precious laptop.

She pulled it out of her school bag and set it up on her desk. She opened her email and went straight to her blog.

Juliet loved her blog. It was called ‘Moonlight Reflections’ and it was a wonderful place where she could talk about her life without fear of misunderstanding. Her screen name was 01Pearl_Moon. The black screen loaded showing her stunning banner which was a picture of the moon and stark white text on a pitch black background.

Her last post had been about her fascination with tarot cards. She scrolled to the bottom to see if anyone had commented. She still got comments from her high school friends, but they didn’t visit often since, apparently, they all had thrilling lives outside of their own laptops. However, Juliet wasn’t bothered too much by their inconsistency. Recently she’d begun getting comments from someone new, someone refreshing.

She didn’t know their real name. He or she called themselves ReadyEyes808 and while none of her friends commented on her blog, this person had.

“I have never had my fortune told, but to hear you describe it, it sounds like I’m missing out. I made a blog. Come visit me sometime.” Then the web address was keyed in below.

Juliet had every intention to go visit the blog, but first she had to write down her experience with the vampire she’d met that afternoon. She clicked to enter her account and pulled up the window.

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