Kings of Underland by C.M. Stunich Pdf

Download Kings of Underland by C.M. Stunich Pdf.What. the. fuck. have I gotten myself into?

These guys are anything but normal.
And I just allowed myself to be married off like some fairy-tale princess.

I barely know them.
They’re not human, but I am.
They’re from another world, but I’m not.

I’m as human as you are, Dear Reader.
I fell into a different world.
I’m now married to nine men, and it’s normal here.

It’s normal, but they’re not.
Vampires, dragons, fae, angels, shapeshifters …
Beasts, the lot of them.

My story begins where most others end …
On the wedding night.

KINGS OF UNDERLAND: A BRIDE FOR BEASTS is a full-length, reverse harem, fantasy romance. This is book one in the series. While not necessary, there is a complete prequel trilogy titled ‘Harem of Hearts’ that explains the origins of the main character and her lovers. Book one in that series is ‘Allison’s Adventures in Underland’. Readers may also begin this series without reading that one.


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