Joseph: Mission: Harvest Ranch Wedding by Lucy McConnell Pdf

Download Joseph: Mission: Harvest Ranch Wedding by Lucy McConnell Pdf.Go undercover in this military romcom based around the “Royal American Wedding”

from the dynamic writing duo of USA Today Bestselling Author Lucy McConnell and Ellie Thornton.

Bree has been dying to go undercover for the IRS and bring down someone big, but it doesn’t matter how long she stays at the office… the dates she avoids so she can work weekends … the dumpsters she climbs in… she’s overlooked for the field assignments. Every. Time.

Until Joseph Murphy came along with a shiny new campaign embezzlement investigation. He’s been called in because his buddy is the groom and Bree is asked to pose as his date for a week of wedding festivities.

The problem? No one will believe these two are together.

Not when she talks about seeing him with his shirt off.
Not when she sneaks into his room in the middle of the night.
Not even when they’re caught making out in the back of the campaign managers car.

If she wasn’t so certain that she wasn’t his type, Bree might think Joseph was falling for her. After all he’s introduced her to his son, talked about having kids, and kissed her like no man has ever kissed her before.

Could it be real? Or is this just a case of mistaken romance?

Laugh along with these two as they uncover the dastardly deeds carefully hidden within America and Andy’s wedding. Will they solve the case and have enough time to fall in love? Or, will the bad guy take more than a couple million dollars?


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