Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends By Gertrude Pdf

Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends By Gertrude Pdf

Download Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends By Gertrude Pdf book free online – from Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends By Gertrude Pdf book; The palace of the eagles — The giant of the flood — The fairy princess of Ergetz — The higgledy-piggledy palace — The red slipper — The star child — Abi Fressah’s feast — The beggar king — The quarrel of the cat and dog — The water-babe — Sinbad of the Talmud — The outcast prince — The story of Bostanai — From shepherd-boy to king — The magic palace — The sleep of one hundred years — King for three days — The palace in the clouds — The Pope’s game of chess — The slave’s fortune — The paradise in the sea — The Rabbi’s bogey-man — The fairy frog — The princess of the tower — King Alexander’s adventures.

Looking out across the plain they had traversed, his majesty seemed to see a vision of prosperous cities and smiling fertile fields. In imagination, he saw caravans laden with merchandise journeying across the intervening spaces. Then, as darker thoughts followed, a cloud appeared to settle over the whole land. The cities crumbled and disappeared, the eagles swooped down and took possession of that which man had failed to appreciate and hold; and after the eagles the dust of the ages settled slowly, piling itself up year by year until everything was covered and only the desert was visible.

Scarcely a word was spoken as the king and his hunters made their way back to the land East of the Rising Sun. In all, they had been away forty days when they re-crossed the barrier of rocks. They were joyously welcomed.

“What have you brought,” asked the populace. “In a little while we shall be starving.”

“Ye shall not starve,” said the king. “I have brought wisdom

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